Relax, that just means “Finished Object.”

Oh, and thanks to all who expressed concern regarding my recent health issues (not so recent, but recently acute). The last few months have not been the best, to say the least. The mental fog and fatigue are really hard when you are with busy, curious kids all day! I can expect to wait awhile for the meds to have a real effect, but as many of you said, it’s a load off just to stop battling to get someone to listen to you.

Some of you who have known me a while may know that I lose pieces of knitting with alarming frequency. Here is one thing that I lost, and found much later, and then even later sewed together. I think we had it in time for Mexico but I never took photos . . . until now.

Admire The Cuteness!


And again


And once more


This is an old pattern from Knitty called Monica, and it looks reasonably like mine, except that I did a contrasting band around the bottom.

The pants, by the way, are from a cute clothing company called Matilda Jane — you have to buy them at art fairs and “trunk shows,” held by someone who is the designated “trunkkeeper” in your region.



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10 responses to “FO!

  1. Oooo, Shaun, I AM admiring The Cuteness! The Adorableness, even. That is one nicely balanced piece of knitting. I like the colour combination, not to mention the resigned “I know, I look incredibly fetching” look on her face. Very sweet.

    I’m going to be wanting those green pants all week now, too. I have a thing for green pants.

  2. very cute, very nice knitting. Good find.

    I hope you get relief from your fatigue soon. That’s a tough one.

  3. Oh so cute!!! I hope the meds kick in soon.

  4. Angela, MotherCrone

    This is gorgeous. And the talent and perserverence, as I am hopelessly floating in UFOs. Hats off for finishing. Hoping you are able to adjust to the meds soon; that fog is NO fun! . BTW< you will have me dreaming all day for a world where are middle-aged woman size 16 could wear that outfit without being committed. Those pants are so cute with that top!

  5. That is a cute pattern. I might have to knit that for a very little girl I know….

  6. Heather Gray

    The knit wear is so cute and your model looks darling! I love the color combinations.

    I hope you medicine kicks in soon.

  7. adsoofmelk

    How adorable! The combination of colors looks really lovely on her!

  8. FYI: They make the pants in adults sizes!

    They are not something I could even consider, but I have seen middle-aged women wearing them. It helps that they have the bodies of preteen boys 😉 Also, the adult pants are in slightly more muted tones.

    When I first had babies I thought the bright colors and patterns were so cute, and I wondered why I didn’t wear things like that anymore. It occurred to me that the same patterns and colors about 12x larger would not be quite so darling.

  9. adsoofmelk

    Yeah, it’s been a loonnnnng time since I had the body of a preteen boy. 😉

  10. The camisole is darling and she looks very cute in it.

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