This is Our Curriculum?

In an effort to start tracking our homeschooling in case Violet might enroll in outside classes somewhere (by that I mean a language class or something similar), I typed up some formal-looking lists of what we’ll be doing in various areas. I feel compelled to point out that when I say “high school level” I’m not trying to say “wowee!” but rather “not college level,” which is what you might expect given the provider.

I felt a little guilty that Victoria’s curriculum seems thinner until I realized, hey, she’s 5.

Final caveats before the big reveal: as all homeschoolers know, it’s not like all these things are going to be going on all the time, and who knows which will be discarded as dull or unworkable. And it’s not like we follow the prescribed schedule: a book a week, a geography flash quiz each day, etc. These are just the resources we’re starting with, made to look semi-official and hopefully mildly impressive to high schools or colleges who might allow one of the girls to try a part-time class some day. Also: I don’t have the actual books listed that will take up much of our time. It almost seems like they should go without saying. I look at these and think: this is such a weird representation of how we actually spend our time!

Violet’s resources:

Magic Lens Grammar
Word Within the Word vocabulary
English 7/8 literature via BYU
Creative writing via co-op (local children’s author, instructor)

World Languages
Chinese: Chinese pod and character practice (Beginning Chinese Reader, DeFrancis and/or Reading and Writing Chinese, McNaughton)
German: German 101 via BYU (high school level)

Pre-algebra, assorted textbooks (particular goals: review and become more confident in pre-algebra topics such as linear equations, graphing equations, negative numbers, order of operations, radicals and exponents)
Problem solving techniques

US History via Teaching Company (high school level)
Continued exploration of History of English sources

Trail Guide to US Geography, GeoMatters

Fine arts
Art class via co-op (local artist, instructor)
Private piano lessons, including music theory
Drama (Upstages Musical Workshop, includes theatrical and vocal training)

via coop
1st semester topics: Genetics and Health (genetic traits, human cells, DNA, immune system); Physical Science and Space (changes in state, gravity, simple and complex machine, space exploration)
2nd semester topics: Ecology and Earth (Minnesota geological history, rocks, growth/decay cycle, decomposition); Life Science (classifying plants and animals, parasitic and symbiotic relationships); Careers in science

Faith Formation
Faith and Life curriculum (4th grade) via local parish

Victoria’s resources:

Five in a Row, Vol. 1


World Languages
Spanish via co-op

Five in a Row v. 1
Cantering the Country, GeoMatters

Fine Arts
group piano, including music theory, singing, and ear training
art class, via co-op
dance (combined tap-ballet)

via co-op
1st semester topics: how humans and other animals grow, cells, illness and immunity; physics including friction, magnets, gravity; observation and classification
2nd semester topics: biology and environment, animal habitats; classifying living and non-living things, plant and animal adaptations

Faith Formation
Kindergarten Sunday school
Catholic Mosaic books and activiites



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6 responses to “This is Our Curriculum?

  1. It looks great!

    I still have to write out ours, but it looks similar in some ways. I was looking at the Magic Lens too because she worked through the highest level of another program.

    We are going to use a Teaching Company series, an art history program, and tie it to world history with events that interest her, with music history, and diseases of the ages for science because she really loves microbiology. It sounds sort of weird, but it should work.

    We are taking a similar approach with beginning algebra.

  2. I think Violet’s curriculum sounds very interesting! I think it would definitely look impressive to anyone who would want to see what she is learning.

    I didn’t know Violet was learning German. How long has she been doing that?

    I think her science sounds really good! That is so cool that your co-op teaches that.

  3. How cool is that? Thanks so much for the detail!! It’s always a compelling peek into other people’s choices, as I think I’ve said before — but I have to say, I’m jealous of your co-op!!

  4. Angela, MotherCrone

    This looks great!

  5. Doesn’t look too scary. And there is balance, which is the only thing I ever worry about. I would think that if you were only registering for one class at a hs or college, what you would need to do is provide some evidence that she is capable of working at that level in that subject. So some of the work from one of the classes she’s done might be more important than a sense of her whole curriculum. Not sure though.

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