Happy Girls

If money could buy happiness, my girls would be thrilled, as gearing up for the “new year” has hastened the steady drip drip drip of cash from our bank account into a veritable waterfall.

I ordered each girl a brand new backpack as a surprise to start co-op — both have outgrown the ones they’ve had the last few years — I paid for the distance learning, I signed Victoria up for dance, I did some eBay sniping on a lot of Five in a Row books (we’ll library most of the rest), I ordered some damn expensive Chinese books that are alleged to be the Gold Standard for learning the written language. After *almost* 20 years out of college (but not quite, thank goodness) you forget how expensive real textbooks can be.

My girls don’t know how much we’re spending, but they do seem pretty happy. I went to kiss Victoria goodnight and I saw that she had snuck into her new leotard and ballet shoes — she was so mad about taking them off for bed, so as soon as the parents weren’t looking she put them right back on. It’s a good thing there’s something supercute about a 5-year-old sneaking into her new dance outfit just so she can sleep in it.

Violet had her first “test” with her Chinese coach from Chinese Pod tonight. She was so nervous about getting something wrong, so there was a fair amount of stammering, but she says she only missed a few things, and her coach said she did a great job. She was so happy about the experience — the call from Shanghai, the conversation, the success. It was fun listening to her — I laughed to myself as she sagely told her coach, “The tones are a bit tedious, but they are worth learning.” It was a cute moment.

We’ve talked a bit about how she could potentially work as a Chinese tutor in one of the preschool programs around here, when she’s a teen. She loves that idea. (She loves preschool age kids.) Meanwhile Victoria has asked, “Will you sign me up for the Olympics?”



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3 responses to “Happy Girls

  1. Boy do I identify with that drip drip of cash. And real textbook prices always shocked me, but your point about how long its been since we’ve paid them is well taken.

    That little one of yours is developing quite a distinct personality (on the blog, anyway). I’m looking forward to more glimpses of her as the year progresses. Such a different kid.

  2. I identify as well!! WHAT is up with STAPLES?!? They *claimed* to have a “sale”…LOL
    We have ordered tets and distane etc as well, and the bill is better than we thought but still expensive!
    p.s. LOL ROTF about Victoria’s rquest to be “signed up” for the Olympics! 😀

  3. I know! And I am thinking about signing up for EPGY… ouch! The dance outfit story is so precious. 🙂

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