Hiatus Nearly Over

We’ve been shockingly absent from blogging, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, and such like for quite a while. Mainly we’ve been busy busy busy — which means I have photos photos photos to share. (Also, I was playing with facebook, to keep up with certain members of our extended family who are off on exciting new adventures!)

So what have we been doing, Part One?


Going to the Minnesota State Fair, of course!


There were rides to ride . . .


Animals to pet . . .


and as always, politicians to meet. (That’s former SNL writer and current senatorial candidate Al Franken with a very excited and loyal DFL’er.)

We love our state fair, and will plan to be there tomorrow, even though the combination of Republican National Convention and the Minnesota State Fair in our normally peaceful, small-townish home city will likely make for more politicians at the fair than I normally approve of. (Though I did go to a Labor Day speech with Al Gore and Paul Wellstone (oh Paul, we miss you!) back in the pre-child days. I remember the crowd chanting “Four More Then Gore!” How naive we were back then . . . )

We’ve also been on an extended trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota, about which, more another time!



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4 responses to “Hiatus Nearly Over

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having fun. I seem to remember that your Black Hills trip last year was rather good for all concerned.

  2. Wow, so much fun! I love the look on Violet’s face!

  3. Great pictures! Love the girl’s hair. Wow! Al Franken!

  4. What a funny, funny picture of Violet with Al Franken! I LOVE it. She looks beyond excited, doesn’t she. I love it when I get pictures of my kids like that. Definitely one for the Doting Parent Memory Bank.

    I liked too how the “Animals to pet” phrase was positioned right above the picture with Mr Franken. I bet he’s not as soft as the pig though.

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