Change You Can Believe In

Politics is the talk of the town, here in RNC-ville this week.

The other morning as we tried to get home through downtown — which is covered with American flags as well as “road closed” signs — Victoria announced that someday she was going to be “Vice-President!”

Unprompted, she added, “I’m going to put lemonade in all the drinking fountains!”

I try not to wear my politics on my sleeve on this blog, but it’s pretty integrated with our lives right now. So in the late summer spirit of partisanship, more photos.

I guess since Dick Cheney isn’t running for anything this year, we’ll have the next best thing:


And here are a few more that Violet insisted on from the state fair, like this:

and this

(Yes, that is a scarecrow Pinocchio W. Bush with a marionette Sen. Norm Coleman dangling from his right hand.)


I’ve been thinking about politics and blogging, and I’ve decided that limited mention of politics is OK for me, as long as I keep it positive. Which means I will not elaborate on my thoughts about Norm Coleman, Sarah Palin, or John McCain, or even their party or their supporters. I am free to say that Obama is an exciting candidate, I think it’s cool his VP candidate is Catholic (though I don’t vote based on that), and I have an Al Franken sign in my yard, because anyone is better than Norm.

Whoops, better work on that self-control.

For technical reasons involving internet access, we now have cable, which means I can get all the fake news and political satire I can handle from 2 guys who would be my secret boyfriends, if I had such things.

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4 responses to “Change You Can Believe In

  1. Its a shame you don’t feel free to talk all you want about politics on your own weblog, because I personally would love to read it. It’s always good hearing different perspectives from different people one trusts and respects.

    I love the Bush photo!!

  2. The reason I’ve decided to limit myself is just to preserve my own sanity. When I see the Rep. VP pick flat out lie about her actions on the “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska, when our senator gets kickbacks from oil executives who are later indicted for bribery, when the Rep. party drives the country into the ground and then holds itself up as the party of change — and yet somehow no one thinks these things matter — I want to bang my head against the wall. Then there’s “drill here, drill now,” the global warming denials, the denial of civil rights and plain old dignity for gays and lesbians . . .

    No no, you don’t want me to get riled up!

  3. I’m here meekly holding up my hand for Obama. I feel very small and out of place in my corner of cyberspace. It seems that everyone I read is thrilled with the Palin choice.

    I keep asking myself ‘Why can’t I be an old fashioned protective mother and still be a liberal?’

    I just want to tune out for the next sixty days. My hopes were dashed in 04 and they are even higher for this election. I actually a bit depressed about it.

  4. Oh Nina, I know exactly where you are with feeling down already. I feel like I can’t handle another major let-down, so I don’t want to engage. So much at stake — not just for our country, but the world — and one candidate’s campaign manager openly states that this campaign will not be about issues but how people feel about the candiates. What’s not to be depressed about? 😦

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