South Dakota Extravaganza

We often fly to SD, but the girls insisted on a road trip, so this time we drove from St. Paul to the Black Hills. (Clearly in this photo we haven’t reached the hills.)


We went to a great museum in Rapid City, called the Journey, which traces South Dakota history from the dinosaurs through the Lakota and pioneers to the present, focusing on geology, archeology, and anthropology as well as history.


Lots of good hands on stuff to do in addition to a great collection of fossils, rock samples, native and pioneer artifacts, and more.


We also went to Custer State Park for the Chuckwagon and a stay at one of my favorite parts of the park, Sylvan Lake.


The view across from our cabin:


The chuckwagoneers:


We saw all kinds of wildlife on the ride to the dinner, and “Cowboy Keith” led the haywagon in lots of old Americana songs.

On our last day we went to an amusement park type place:


Victoria didn’t like the go-karts, but these weird bumper cars were right up her alley.


The hit of the day was probably the bumper boats (I did them myself on the first go round, but that’s my mom burnishing her Grandma credentials with the girls).


You definitely will get wet.



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2 responses to “South Dakota Extravaganza

  1. That looks great. And your mom looks like she’s having a great time.

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