Lead On!


My little nature lover has stocked up on books about trees and leaves for fall, and I am trying hard to get them both outside more. Tuesdays are the official “nature outing” day, but I need a last minute haircut (drivers license pic!) so instead after breakfast I sent them out on scooter and trike to explore the wonders of the neighborhood. (Read: collect acorns)

I have nearly no time for . . . anything really, which includes any sort of meaningful blogging. Plus my mind is all clogged up with the election. Thank goodness for Stewart/Colbert, who get me to laugh rather than cry.

Violet got a substantial part in a stage adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. She plays Malicia, the mayor’s daughter. It’s quite exciting really — a certain local but nationally known radio personality is going to record his voice as the voice of death (which is played by a kind of muppet). But it is a lot of rehearsals to drive to, and a lot of other stuff to manage in between. She has a *lot* to memorize. The part is so her — the grandchild of one of the Sisters Grim who continually shapes her life into a story.

I am greatly overworked right now, besides.

The upshot is a less frequently updated blog, which is a shame, at least to me, because there are so many interesting bloggy conversations happening around the homeschool blog world, and I don’t have time to take part!



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4 responses to “Lead On!

  1. WE all understand. And though I’m no good at this either, getting outside with them once a week is probably good for your mental health and productivity and lot else. The play sounds great. Any carpooling possibilities?

    And this guy’s idea about more and less productive times of day (http://www.productiveflourishing.com/how-heatmapping-your-productivity-can-make-you-more-productive/) and how we schedule tasks seems to be worth contemplating and trying to put into practice. He has some free planners based on those ideas though they might be less useful.

    Just being conscious of them made me realize that I need to get up early and do my paid work in the morning and then later in the day it is pointless doing that work because I can’t concentrate so it doesn’t matter if I stop and focus on canning vegetables or doing something with Tigger or whatever. I got more done this morning than I have yet.

  2. mycottagegarden

    Congratulations to Violet, I hope she has a fantastic experience.

    It is a shame about the less frequently updated blog because I love to read you but really what could be better than a busy and wonderful real life? 🙂

  3. The play sounds totally cool! I want to know more about it. Is the local theatre doing the adaptation or has it been done before elsewhere? I would love to do something like that.

    I am sorry you are too busy to blog. I am right there with you.

    That is a cool picture of the walk in the meadow.

  4. Now that’s a Million Word picture, Shaun. Awesome.

    Never mind about the blog. We can all just keep checking to see if you manage an update (well, I will). I’m feeling too busy to blog of anything too substantial, myself. The garden is getting harvested big time and the kids are deep in the thrill of a new year, which doesn’t leave me much time for reflection. Ah well. Soon the rains will begin and I’ll have time to sit and write. So will you. Eventually.

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