Yes photos, no cranky

I am really grumpy! And I can’t write about why. Well, in part I am grumpy because I can’t believe yet one more department of the federal government is making a shameless power grab, and it is literally keeping me awake at night, so that I am sleep-deprived. And then there’s . . . other stuff. Stuff you homeschoolers probably would understand all too well, so why write it out. I’ll get over it. And until then, happy photos!

Especially for Sheila and Cher Mere, but also for any other Totoro lovers, I give you these cute little lunch boxes, airmailed from Japan this week!


What is cuter than Totoro?


Here’s Victoria and a recent white board drawing.

Actually, she asked me to remove this picture, so you don’t get to see it. Sorry!

And here (in admittedly weird lighting) is Violet’s new haircut — she wanted as short as I would let her get it (her words). It’s funny, it’s like I’m seeing her in a whole new light now — she strikes me as more her own person somehow, with this funky new ‘do.


side view:



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9 responses to “Yes photos, no cranky

  1. cryptic political grumpiness. yuck. Try not to lose sleep over that stuff. Losing sleep never helps. Hope you are feeling less grumpy soon.

  2. Oh, those are so cute! So is Violet’s new haircut, but as soon as I showed FDPG that bento box she shrieked and said “I can hardly bear it, how cute those are!” There was even some gasping going on.

    Way too cute. We love Totoro. I have a folder on my desktop with music clips and stills from the movie so the twins can adorn their stationary (and we can dance madly while we think about how much we love him). I almost bought a Totoro stuffed animal that SNORES for FDPG for her birthday, until I saw that they wanted $72 for it, whereupon I bought her a little stuffed pencil topper Totoro instead. He has the leaf on his head, from the rainy bus stop.

    Lovely, Shaun. So adorable. He will stick in my memory banks fondly, even when my kids are grown up. Maybe I’ll plant a camphor tree in the back yard to remind us all…

  3. Angela,

    Love those Totoro boxes! Too cute! Lovely photo of Violet…she is looking very pixie!

  4. Love love love the new hair cut! She looks fantastic.

    It’s strange that Victoria knows and understands your blog. I don’t think Cate even knows about mine.

  5. Shi Xiaoli

    Being a short-haired girl myself, I’m lovin’ Violet’s new do.

    Plus nothing complements a short hairstyle like a SenLinHu t-shirt.

  6. Nina, you are probably better than me about staying off the computer when your children are trying to get your attention. Mine are always wandering in and out of my office, even when I’m working.

  7. I love Violet’s hair:) Can she email Grace about cutting HER hair:P ?
    I am also in love with the Totoro boxes:)

  8. adsoofmelk

    What a doll! She has an adorable, mischievous smile!

  9. Her hair is so cool! I love what you say about her being more her own person now, I totally get it.

    I LOVE your Totoro stuff!! So jealous!

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