Seen and Heard

— Saturday coming home from the conference I listened to the first part of the Prairie Home Companion anniversary show. Listen to the first few performances, especially “The Family Car” and Peter Ostrushko on “When You and I Were Young, Maggie.”

— Saveur Magazine, “The Breakfast Issue”

breakfast issue_

I hate the “________ p0rn” phrase (info p0rn, kitchen p0rn, mommy p0rn) which seemed to be played by 2nd time I heard it, and yet, the food, the photography . . . I do love a good breakfast. I love eating breakfast with friends, because it makes them feel like family — like all the times EggM. and I had lunch with R.P. and H. at the Flim Flam in Ann Arbor. I still have my Flim Flam apron, God bless it. You can eat dinner with anyone, but you best breakfast with the ones you love.

— Homeschooling our Children, Unschooling Ourselves, by Alison McKee. I have nearly finished this, after picking it up at the MHA conference Saturday. It reminds me of what I like about reading homeschool blogs. There’s a chance to see the questioning, the doubts, the frustrations that I recognize as my own, but also the happy ending. I will have more to say about this later.

— “I was having all these brainstorms, and now I’m having a brain fire, so can I use the computer to write a script?!” We had not yet started any lessons this morning, and I was musing on how I could better allow my children to “show me the way” while lounging at the computer, when Violet burst into my office with this request. We hardly got to any formal lessons til the afternoon as a result, but all my reminders were met with responses like, “Oh yes, I will!” and “Oh of course, that’s my favorite” (practicing Chinese characters) and even “Can I do my BYU English, please?!” (I’ve tried to keep it on Tuesday/Thursday.) So, all going well there. Meanwhile Victoria and I looked at paintings of Queen Elizabeth so she could choose her favorite dress.

— By the way, the day after the conference, my children were at the Renaissance Festival with their dad.


A pixie named Twig is, for many children, a highlight of the day.


In fact as my family was searching for her, they tracked down a man with a walkie talkie who was also looking for her, because apparently there was a 4-year-old in meltdown mode, wanting to see Twig.


Twig is not really an advertised part of the fair, just a person in character who walks around being beloved by children, handing out trinkets and sprinkling glittery pixie dust. She made my children very happy.



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3 responses to “Seen and Heard

  1. Beautiful pictures!

    Two things we missed this year: Renfest and the MHA conference. Sadly missed, I should add. We usually go to Renfest each year for out anniversary, sans kiddos (it’s the only thing we do for only ourselves, practically, every year) and I’ve never been to the MHA conference, but I really want to go. Money’s too tight this year (sigh). Next year! Next year!

  2. I love the brain fire story! Isn’t homeschooling fun.

    I always like the wandering fairies at Ren faires.

  3. I like wandering fairies too. We were at a Christmas Lights festival one year (at a giant heritage garden) and the theatre troupe they’d hired had sent in a large dragonfly on stilts, with a lightup behind! He followed us all over the park. It was kind of charming.

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