What Happened?

For the last few days I have not been able to log in to Word Press! So annoying!

Nothing much to say here: I’ve been to 3 doctors in the last 3 weeks, each of whom says something different: sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. If I’m not better next week, maybe I can be diagnosed with a touch of the rheumatiz. My poor husband, who suffers from my exaggerated and ever-broadening mistrust of doctors, is very frustrated that I keep seeing physicians who confirm all my worst stereotypes.

Overheard while lying on the sofa:

Victoria (while listening to the Zep): “If we don’t keep rockin’, we’ll die!”

Later we made a “Victoria” Rocks! playlist together on iTunes. Here’s how the 5-and-under-set rolls in our house:

Middle of the Road, Pretenders
We Got the Beat, Go-Gos
Egg Man, Beastie Boys
Vertigo, U2
Girlfriend, Matthew Sweet
Star 69, REM
Higher Ground, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Lust for Life, Iggy Pop
Hey Ya, Outkast + Barbie and Friends (Violet would die before admitting that she purchased this herself a couple of years ago)
Cherry Cherry, Neil Diamond
Cannonball, Breeders
Heroes and Villains, Brian Wilson
What I Like About You, Romantics
Fool in the Rain, Led Zeppelin

Violet (while playing with Ello characters she made): “Reality is not good for us. It smooshes us deeper into the ground, as technology takes control.”

(This was rendered in this Russian-French accent that reminded me a little of Natasha [of Natasha and Boris], like “Wheeality eez not gud forh us. Eet smusheez us deepearh eentoo zee gwhound . . .”)

I think God locked me out of Word Press so that I would not print my diatribe about being a “real” American and a “real” Catholic. Well done, God! šŸ˜‰



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4 responses to “What Happened?

  1. I’m sorry you are still unwell. Are there symptoms you can treat despite the different diagnoses? Have you considered trying a homeopath? Big difference between sinusitis and pnuemonia! Like you, I don’t trust doctors.

    Sounds like you have some very cool, funky children there!

  2. I can see the pneumonia-bronchitis confusion as it is all in the same place, but patience is right, sinusitus is a completely different thing. I hope you figure it out soon and get better.

    I want to hear the diatribe. I can sort of imagine it in my head, though, which is kind of fun.

  3. cool play list!

    I am so sorry you are still sick. That sucks!

  4. You and me both. It must be a Minnesota thing; I’ve had all the same things as you plus plurisy and pneumonia. YUCK! I’m done with it alllllllllll!

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