Traditional, Vibrant, and Tasteful

Well, if I do say so myself . . .

My recovery continues slowly. I have gone out with the girls the last few days — today, the James Sewell Ballet, which was fantastic — and returned home totally drained. I am not up for much. Hence the slow, empty blog.

I apparently prefer Islamic art more than 99% of my peers, and Renaissance more than 93%.
However, I am a real hater when it comes to Cubist and Abstract art, according to the quiz.

But I always enjoy a quiz! This one I saw at Willa and then again at Patience, so I had to go ahead and see. But I would *not* have chosen the picture shown below. Too bland!


Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test…

Traditional, Vibrant, and Tasteful

Islamic art is developed from many sources: Roman, Early Christian, and Byzantine styles were taken over in early Islamic architecture; the architecture and decorative art of pre-Islamic Persia was of paramount significance; Central Asian styles were brought in with various nomadic incursions; and Chinese influences . Islamic art uses many geometical floral or vegetable designs in a repetitive pattern known as arabesque. It is used to symbolize the transcendent, indivisible and infinite nature of Allah.

People that like Islamic art tend to be more traditional people that appreciate keeping patterns that they learned and experienced from their past. It is not to say that they are not innovative personalities, they just do not like to let go of their roots. They like to put new ideas into details and make certain that they will work before sharing them with others. Failure is not something they like to think about because they are more interested in being successful and appreciated for their intelligence. These people can also be or like elaborate things in their life as long as they are tasteful. They tend to prefer geometric patterns and vibrant colors.

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One response to “Traditional, Vibrant, and Tasteful

  1. I hate cubist and abstract art too. Infact hate is the right word when it comes to cubism – it really grates on my nerves, not out of any artistic sensibility, but more like sensitivity. Do you think the result reflected your personality accurately?

    I’m sorry your recovery is slow. I hope you are taking good care and that everyone else is being gentle with you 🙂

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