School Holiday

I guess I’m too excited to focus on any homeschooling today. The girls saw wind outside before breakfast this morning and ran around in it for 45 minutes before I insisted they come in and eat.

We did spend a little time on math: my big one on simultaneous algebraic equations, my little one on numbers that add up to 7. It was a sweet moment to have such different things going on at the same table, and I do enjoy the chance to work with Victoria on things that Violet did without me! I love to see Victoria counting seriously on her fingers, working the Cuisenaire rods, and really going through the process of learning.

I have had a lot of administrative tasks to do today, in addition to reading up on election post-mortems and following the still undecided senate race here, so I’ve let the girls go their way since lunch again. They went outside for over an hour again, just wandering up and down the sidewalk, playing some imagination game, not arguing (at least not so I could hear it), just having a fun, relaxed day.

Violet’s play starts tomorrow night, so I am also going very light on formal stuff to allow her to relax and rest. She’s been getting home at 10 pm this week — something I really don’t care for, and I’m not sure we’re going to do again soon. We were all very excited by her big part in her play this fall, but she is still 9, and needs lots of time to rest and relax just to grow her body and brain properly. It’s a tough call. She is one of the youngest in the cast, and it just may be too much for her. Of course, she would never say so!

I look forward to the return of normal post-election life, as I’m sure all of us do!


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