The Boring Time

I think we’ve moved into a kind of Ordinary Time in our homeschool journey. We got up and went to co-op today, then rushed Violet off to the preview performance of her play. (Last word from her dad at intermission — all is going well!)

Most days we do some formal schooling and music practice, coupled with kids fighting and reading and drawing and playing outside and playing with the dog. I’m hunting down a book on the nervous system for Violet, who expressed a lot of interest after a recent stubbed toe, and I’m looking at getting an unsolved copy of the Usborne puzzle adventures book for Victoria, who worked through one of the stories as bedtime reading tonight (dad wasn’t home to do his brilliant Harry Potter voices).

The novelty must be wearing off. We really are just kind of living our lives, mostly forgetting that we’ve made a choice that many people think is weird and maybe even unacceptable. I haven’t seen many of my nonhomeschooling friends lately, because I’ve been so sick for so long (All hail the prednisone that seems to have brought me back from the brink!), so if anything was going to come up there it hasn’t had a chance. (Not that it often does any more.)

Staying home from school seems so normal now. In truth, it did back then too, but we had many more moments of “wow, we’re doing this” and “yes, we’re doing this” and “yes, we’re still doing this.” The lack of school has not left a big hole, nor has it isolated us in any way. From what I can tell Violet has more friends than ever, is asking to learn new things in math and science (not just languages and arts), and is growing more responsible every day. (And I’m not even going to tell you about the yearly assessment because it is just that good!) Victoria reads to herself regularly, works hard at her math, and is planning her costume as the Thanksgiving fairy in what is becoming the traditional production of a new Thanksgiving play each year.

Three years in, it’s just everyday life, not a Plan B, not a crisis, not a political or educational statement. It’s kind of nice to be in this boring place. Lord knows these times don’t stick around for long!



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3 responses to “The Boring Time

  1. I am glad to hear everything is going so swimmingly. You obviously made a good choice and when things have been hectic the routine is a blessing.

  2. Very comforting place to be. I found myself nodding more than once at this post (and it wasn’t JUST the bit about kids fighting, either). It’s good to have those plodding-along-nicely times, isn’t it. Makes up for all the angst and worry at other times.

  3. yay for the boring time! :^) glad it’s working out for you. once you’re in the groove, hs’ing is the best.

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