Greetings from November

We are all still here, busy and tired, but still plugging along. Some random notes:

Time Warp:
An old friend from grad school days came to visit for a long weekend. As I told her on the way to the airport, it was a double time warp. The time blew by, with morning turning to noon turning to 1:30 in the morning while we did little but talk across the table and entertain very excited children. And suddenly eight years — maybe nearly 18 years — had never passed, and we were instantly chatting the way we did back then. Like when I called to cry that the boy I was pining for would never return my affection (yes, that boy is my husband) or gossip about who was sleeping with whom in the English department. There were times that I felt a little like the me of many years ago — enthused about ideas, writing, music; reasonably articulate; kind of funny. Made me realize that I should 1) spend more time around people who aren’t living virtually the same life I am, and 2) do better at keeping in touch with people who knew me when “Catholic homeschooling mom” was nothing recognizable as me.

Culture Week
Violet has been busy with her play, which has been going well, though I look forward to this Sunday, the last show. She was unable to attend the Brian Wilson concert we went to, but luckily our visiting friend could take her seat. Musicians like that are amazing to me — of course they are working hard, but as they are working hard the music flows through them, as if they were just the messenger. We attended a “Bach to the Future” program today, where some of the composers claimed the same thing. If I wanted proof of God, this could be it: this music in the air that some are both blessed and cursed to hear in its fullness and bring to the rest of us. Sorry if that is horribly cliched. I remember seeing Ray Charles in concert, maybe when I was pregnant with Violet, and he just seemed like a radio tuned to God’s station. It was amazing to watch.
We also attended a production of The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe, which was wonderful. I had hoped to find some of the lyrics on the internet and provide them here–and I had been dreading the songs before the show. The song “Come to the Table” was so beautifully Eucharistic I nearly cried. Our children’s theater here does things with stagecraft that never fail to amaze and impress me, and the holiday productions in particular are as wonderful to me as they are to the children. In this show they had Susan and Lucy flying on Aslan’s back, using two flowing blue banners, held at each end by stagehands in black, as the sky, and then a stream. It was really inspired and well done. And Aslan — well, he was a little like the Lion King, but mostly he was both regal and warrior-like. Victoria was terrified in parts, especially in parts involving Maugrim, but she wanted so much to see the whole thing, so she did.

General Ups and Down
Reading the post-election internet has not been a consistently happy thing for me, especially as a Catholic. I don’t care to get into details, but I have been hurt and angry many times, and I have decided that some blogs are better taken out of my reader. Not to punish the writer, but to protect myself from getting all het up over some yahoo commenter. The Communion of Saints is an idea that means a lot to me, so I take it very personally when a stranger effectively boots me out of it. It has been a cause of serious soul-searching.
I’m excited that I may get a chance to be a witness for the senate recount here. The national media is covering this story so poorly, so I want a first-hand look at the proceedings. I am signed up for a fairly late date, after Thanksgiving, so I can’t be sure I’ll get a chance, but I look forward to it.
I am getting healthier. My pneumonia and/or bronchitis is gone, though I did recently catch a cold from Victoria. The thing I am still dealing with is the asthmatic response to all the respiratory trauma. I do wheeze from time to time, still, but the tightness in my chest is gone, and I look forward to returning to my gym, hopefully next week.

We have 2 piano recitals, 4 play performances, and 2 dinners with friends coming up in the next 4 days, in addition to a run of visitors from this Friday til Tuesday 11 days later, and my yearly Thanksgiving extravaganza, so I can’t say I’ll be posting again soon, but try not to give up on me!



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5 responses to “Greetings from November

  1. What a great time! I’m so glad you’re getting better. You’d need to be better, wouldn’t you, with an upcoming schedule like that.

    I know what you mean about the post-election discussion. It has been really spiteful, disrespectful, and contemptuous at times. I too have taken blogs off my reading list because of it, funnily enough from both sides of the political fence. So you have my empathy.

  2. I was thinking about you on the weekend, as I sat wheezing in a clinic, dragged there by my husband, who was worried at my lack of coherency (and the coughing). Turns out I have a massive bronchitis infection too. Ick. And one of the side effects of the antibiotics I am taking is nightmares, and although the doctor assured me that he’s never heard of anyone getting them, I lucked out. I’m having the most distressing End of the World dreams. I will be glad to be off these things. I hope you recover soon. It’s very sapping being sick like this, isn’t it.

    Now that I’ve totally highjacked your post, let me say that I envy you seeing all those productions. Glad you had a visit from an old friend, too. Experiences like that are so bolstering. Get well.

  3. I am happy for you that you got to reconnect with your friend. It looks like it reminded you of some things about your self and energized you.

    I am so jealous of the children’s theatre in your area! You make it sound so awesome!

    I’M glad you are getting better. Don’t work too hard.

  4. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and the visit with your friend sounds like it was wonderful. Hope you survive the next little while.

  5. Angela,

    What a lovely story of your visit with an old friend. that is always so special! Glad you are feeling well enough to blog again…you’ve been missed!

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