Learning Curve

It has been a crazy fall.

First, the illness. The ongoing illness. Mine, mostly, but Victoria has had several bouts of weird short viruses, including, very sadly, on Thanksgiving day. She was napping upstairs when dinner started, then woke up and loudly began to cry. When I went upstairs she said, “I’m so lonely!”

B, the guests. We did enjoy our guests, some of whom read this blog (!), but it got a little crazy, dropping one at the airport only to return a few days later for another. Given how behind we are in laundry, schooling, and working, it was hard to enjoy our guests as much as we thought we would when we first planned their visits. I really had to let go of a lot of things that I would normally worry about and just let our guests wade into our messy lives. And they did, very nicely.

And another thing, the play. Enough said. But V. did get a lot of nice comments. I enrolled her in a weekly class that will run Jan-Mar, which I think will help her exercise her theatre interests while still giving us a little break.

I won’t even get into the misery that is my changing work schedule. Except that all my deadlines have been totally moved up and I was having a hard enough time meeting them as it was. But oh well.

Also, the travel. We went to SD in late August, then the kids went to Michigan in October with DH, and now we are all going away again soon — all wonderful, all to visit grandparents. All good. I love having the girls spend a long week with grandparents, getting to know them better by just hanging out as well as doing special stuff. Except that with the work, and the play, and the guests, and the sick — wow.

So I am still learning about the difference between something being possible and something being wise. Homeschooling continues to offer a huge spectrum of great opportunities, especially now that both mom and dad work from home. I am trying to relax and make the most of the ride we’re on right now, but I’ve learned that I need to keep doing less, doing less, doing less.

Speaking of learning, I have been so bad about updating my blog that I have missed a couple of important thank-yous.

First, to Sarah/Patience, who nominated me for a “gold blogging friends forever” award. This was so sweet. Sometimes people ask me why I blog, and in truth there is a little group of three women whom I think of immediately: Patience (I am so used to Patience, I’m not sure I can change!), Mariposa, and Cher Mere. They found me early on and were such an important support network for me as we began this homeschooling adventure. Knowing that at least 3 people in the world get it got me through many many moments of frustration! Oh, and I am supposed to mention a new friend too. Easy: Sheila. (Where have you been?)

And speaking of Cher Mere, I was a little embarrassed to receive a “Your Blog Teaches Me Something All the Time” award, given that I have been so lax with my posting since getting ill in September. I promise to do better.


To pass it on, I want to acknowledge Angela, formerly of Mother Crone’s Homeschool, because she is such a great inspiration. Reading about her homeschooling adventures a little further down the road has been so encouraging to me. And she is so calm and sane!

I also get lots of great book ideas from Nina. But everyone knows that!

Everyone also knows that Jove is brilliant and always has great book recommendations for older kids and adults. Plus she is crafty and quick with an encouraging word. She has been telling me to do less for a long time, but I am a slow learner!



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6 responses to “Learning Curve

  1. Whew! What a month! I hope things settle down after Christmas.

    Please do keep calling me Patience. I’m not entirely sure how the morph back to Sarah began, but all of a sudden everyone was calling me that so it kind of stuck. I love my middle name though 🙂 So long as you don’t call me Pat I’m happy!

  2. Aw, thanks! I tell you, I feel SO behind these days. I’m trying, as usual, to cram too much into too small a time period. And I’m constantly discovering just how much one person can (and cannot) do.

    I have to say, I’m really enjoying these soul-searching posts of yours.

  3. LOL. but you have also pointed out that you have a personality that likes busy. Even I have trouble with the doing less things sometimes, though. And I think it hits everyone at this time of year.

  4. Wow, what a great update. When you put it all together in one post it seem almost impossible. I’m glad your surviving. Sorry your work schedule is so demanding. I can’t imagine how you do it and homeschool and clean and cook.

    Bravo to you for letting friends see the messy side. That’s huge and a great compliment to your friendship. I hope you can enjoy your upcoming trip.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog. It makes me so happy to know that others can share in the appreciation of good books.

    One teeny tiny question, did you get my email about Chinese? Just wondering if at some point you could write a post about how Violet is doing Chinese, how she started, the direction she is going. Not now, of course, but maybe sometime after your deadlines and the holidays. (ok, I crawl back under my rock, embarrassed to ask such a busy woman a favor.)

  5. Oh Nina — you are a victim of my computer problems. My desktop computer needs a new power supply, so I am on the laptop full time (a major pain), which means that a lot of stuff is sitting on my old computer, forgotten. E-mail me again!

  6. Thanks! You are my Fav-O-rite blogger!

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