A Random Number of Friday Quick Takes

1. Radical Knitting

Recently seen on the Colbert Report

2. Shoe, other foot

Recently at while playing with friends my daughters were listening to kids complain about how “school sucks” and they responded, naturally, that “you should convince your mom to homeschool you.” Yeah, that goes over big in crowds! We later had a little chat about how we wouldn’t want people telling us how we really ought to stop homeschooling. As I said, you wouldn’t go to a friend’s house and tell her how much better your own house is — even if you think your house is better.

3. Radical Jesus

Recently seen everywhere liberals are found.

Don’t click if disturbed by references to sodomy and Jack Black as Jesus.

4. Shoe, other foot, part deux

We ran into an old acquaintance while running errands today. She was here for the month, as she works independently and can travel around and work where she likes. We mentioned that since Eggmaster and I both work from home, we have been doing the same thing. She asked, “Oh, are the kids out of school?”

Oh right, that. After 3 years homeschooling, it doesn’t even occur to me that people can’t just grab their kids and go when the mood strikes. You’d think I’m totally insensitive to the reality that not everyone lives as we do! 😉

5. Have you found the newish-to-me Camp Creek blog yet?

6. From The Amazing Maurice: Malicia, Maurice, and Keith:

Malicia and co.

Malicia and co.

7. I have been curriculum browsing. It all seems so tempting and perfect in the catalogs, doesn’t it?



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5 responses to “A Random Number of Friday Quick Takes

  1. oh, thank you for linking to me! :^D)

    i’ve done the same lecture to my boys about not asking their friends why can’t *you* be homeschooled — their parents don’t appreciate that at all! ;^)

  2. I’m a weird unsocial sort of person, because I can’t see the problem in what your kids said. For me it would be different if the others were raving about how great school was and your children put them down. But perhaps in NZ we’re more relaxed about homeschooling. No one I’ve met seems threatened by it the way many people in America appear to be.

    Oh gosh, now I’ve just said my country’s better than yours! Sorry!


  3. Just put down those curriculum catalogs and back away slowly.LOL!

  4. Oh, I SO hear #7. I’ve got a closet full of number 7s. And I just came home from my MILs with a bag of Waldorf books, which means another jaunt down the “Oh, I MUST try THAT!” road again. Like I don’t have enough to do as it is.

  5. You need to put your shoes back on your feet!

    I thought the video was pretty funny. They got a lot of good actors in it.

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