Friday in Memphis

I never got around to posting this, so I will now.

We’ve been away, but we’re returning this weekend, ready to wind down to the end of the year. Which won’t feel like winding down at all.

Mostly in Memphis Eggmaster and I have been working while the kids play — we have not had many local experiences this go-round except to go out for ribs at the classic Rendezvous. It is hard to be away from home yet still working, as usual, but it’s great for the girls to see their grandparents — and of course great for me to see my parents as well!

Here’s some thorough enjoyment of the ribs.


This is a kite from Chinatown — I think Chinatown in LA?


This is a sweet panda ballerina suit


And this is the entry to the arcade of International Head-Exploding Pizza Kitchen. Here Victoria had to take frequent breaks, saying that she felt “nauseous” and that she was “freaking out.” Something about all the loud sounds and flashing lights.


We’re just returned home and catching up on all our Internets. Thanks Mimi and Papa for a great time!



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5 responses to “Friday in Memphis

  1. Wow, my hometown. If only you’d been there five months ago, we’d still have been there, too. I had no idea you were from Memphis.

  2. Sorry you have to work during you visit.

    I love all the pictures. Your girls are so cute!

    I hope you can have some kid of downtime.:)

  3. So much fun! Your girls never seem to change, although Violet is looking really grown up with her swish haircut.

  4. I have so many posts just like this. Adorable photos.

    I hope you had a wonderful, productive and peaceful weekend.

  5. I just love Violet’s haircut! I know this is a strange thing to say, but the pixie cut suits her personality as you’ve described it over the years!

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