Fun with Wii

While in Memphis, we had plenty of time to try out Papa’s Wii, as seen here. These photos crack me up, and will amuse family, so those of you who actually like to read my writing will just have to wait for another day.

Oh but wait, aren’t the sisters cute when they aren’t saying “You’re a tattletale!”/”You’re a big meanie!”


As when I was a child, Papa was the one to beat. He shows no mercy, gives no quarter, even to the youngest competitor:


This can make the youngest competitors very fierce indeed:


The kids will spare no effort to beat Papa:


But really, does this match up look fair?


And so even when it seemed to rain 36 hours straight, a good time was had by all. And when I returned to my gym after almost 2 months away, I was able to breathe freely, but my right shoulder cried out in pain. Curse that Wii Tennis!



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4 responses to “Fun with Wii

  1. Sometimes I look at my kids and think “Why, gosh, aren’t they sweet? I guess I really DO love them after all!” Of course, this always comes after an afternoon listening to what you said: “Tattletale!” etc. I tell my kids that it’s terribly boring listening to them squabble. They’re not sure what to make of that.

    I like that your father gives no quarter. I think it’s good for kids to work hard for something, knowing there will be very little adult leniency, because it makes the winning all the sweeter. (ooh, hope I don’t sound too Machiavellian or anything) We generally do this with our kids, too, although I cave if I sense someone getting all angsty on me.

  2. Cute girls. I love their expressions.

    What do you think of the Wii. I was thinking about getting one for Z for her birthday.

  3. Very cute girls. I love the expressions on your little one.

  4. Papa

    Still undefeated.

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