Late Start

Cruel taskmaster that I am, I am still planning to “do school” today — likely some math, history, English, Chinese, and German. Yet my big girl is still asleep!

I just went into peek at her, and she was sound asleep, breathing deeply, cuddled under tons of blankets.

Normally I would wake her by now, at 9:30, but she had a sleepover on Saturday. She told me they were up til 1:30 am (!) and then got up again at 6 (a time she rarely sees). Last night she looked bit like a corpse, white with dark purple circles around her eyes.

Aren’t children cute when they sleep? At the risk of being pathetically sentimental — but maybe that will counter the Mencken — I was reminded again of how in the last few years my girls seem to get older and younger at the same time. There was time when Violet seemed impossibly grown-up, so mature, on the verge of adulthood. But now as we watch the older girls at co-op slide into full-on teen-hood and real high school, she seems so young. Likewise Victoria at 5 seems much younger to me than Violet at 5 — not because she is less mature, but just because we have a clearer view of what lies ahead for her.

Our girls are picking up our sharp, dark sense of humor — how could they help it? — and they are pretty well-informed for kids their age. Victoria has taken to talking about “Steve Hawking” like he is her personal friend. Yet in other ways I am so happy that we have allowed them to be young and come to life slowly. There are plenty of games, books, and movies that are “fine” that we’ve let them wait just a little longer than some of their friends to experience — which has probably been a nice balance to some of the things they have gotten to a littler earlier. Neither of them is a “tween” yet, at least in terms of how “tween” seems to be defined now, a wannabe teenager.

So Victoria and I will hang out downstairs, try to keep quiet (which is not easy as Victoria has us rehearsing a new version of “A Year with Frog and Toad” much of the time — I am Frog and she is Frog’s sister), and let our little one keep dreaming.



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3 responses to “Late Start

  1. I think I know exactly what you mean. And I’m a big believer in letting people sleep when they need it. She’s coming into big growth-spurt territory (if she isn’t there yet) and sometimes that requires a lot of sleep.

  2. I know what you mean. Z seems almost like a little grown-up sometimes. I have a harder time seeing her as her own age but when I do get a glimpse of that it is so eye-opening and kind of resets my mental image of her. Maybe you know what I mean.

    But usually she is uniquely Z and I feel like I only know what she is like and I have no reference point for other children. I like how your view of things seems to be clearer since you have two girls.

  3. I hope Violet stays well for Christmas.

    And Victoria sounds like she is at such a fun age.

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