Counting Down

The girls have a friend over, so I am taking a little time to get organized and think about what I need to do in the next 36 hours. In particular, this means planning Food.

I did not post about our awesome Thanksgiving feast, in which I take an unreasonable amount of pride. I make a point of going a little over the top, because it is pretty much my one big dinner of the year.

For Christmas Eve I take a little page from my husband’s family. We are going to have a bunch of little bites — shrimp cocktail, spinach and white bean salad, cranberry salad, probably some kind of Polish sausage (connects Eggmaster to his Polish roots), and Ris ala Mande (Danish rice pudding, which a friend of his family used to make).

We are greeters for the early Christmas Eve Mass (not the midnight), so we will come home and everything will be ready for nibbling by the tree, and maybe opening one or two presents.

Christmas morning I have a frozen “egg bake” I got from one of those make-ahead prep kitchens (you go in and make several dishes and freeze them for later in their professional kitchen — and they clean up!). I think this is a very midwestern casserole dish. I feel a little lame not making something a little more special, but I am trying to go low key, and I’m sure it will feel like wonderful comfort food without me wearing myself out before noon on Christmas.

Christmas evening we’re keeping the comfort food theme alive. I’m going to make some chicken and dumplings. Also, I am picking up an awesome Candy Cane cheesecake from the Polish sausage place — we ordered it last year and it was fantastic, so this year we placed a custom order to get another (it wasn’t on the regular menu). Hopefully we will have some friends over the next day to help us finish it!

I can’t think of what to have as a side with the chicken and dumplings. You don’t want anything else too rich, or too bread-y. Steamed broccoli is about as un-festive as it gets. I may just make a salad. Sadly, Eggmaster cannot eat grapefruit, or I would do a salad with grapefruit, which I love.

If the food is planned out, the rest will take care of itself. Although the girls don’t regularly read the blog, I’ll just be vague and say that I feel pretty sure that our entertainment on Christmas day is all taken care of.



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6 responses to “Counting Down

  1. Wow, you love your food! Some very inspiring choices there. I wish I could come visit you! 😉

    I am fascinated by the idea of those prep kitchens. Very cool indeed.

  2. It is so true that if the food is in place the rest will take care of itself. I used Dream Dinners for a while and now reading your post I wish I had one of those premade items. I’m trying to figure out the “food” right now. Of course, it is a bit easier with two little kids and two not so picky adults and no visitors but still I need to shop for food.

    Wishing you the merriest and most blessed Chrsitmas.

  3. omg! Can I come over and eat?? Now I am starving!

  4. That is a lot of prep even if some items come from the Polish deli. I like to put dried cranberries and pecans in salads.

    My husband is the cook on holidays. It is our tradition to, or my side, to have a meatless Christmas Eve. My sister and my husband made and the froze the perogies last weekend.

    Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday to you and your family.

  5. Angela,

    A woman after my own heart! Sounds lovely!!!!

  6. We had a similar sort of Christmas Eve dinner with the kids, but sadly I did not get out to a service this year: Richard was worried we wouldn’t get back home in the car with all the ice everywhere. I missed that.

    This year, when we were having our little feast, the kids were all thrilled with the “bits and pieces” aspect of it (brie, paté, baguettes, garlic butter, pickles, etc). Funny how excited kids get over the simplest things.

    Merry Christmas!

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