For the Woman Who Has Everything

I abandoned this post when I started getting a vicious cold, but I’ll finish it now.

The best Christmas gift: some time off!

Apart from that, however, I have been quite spoiled with my Christmas gifts this year. Here, a partial list of great gifts for someone who really does not need anything else:

An i-Pod dock/stereo


This goes in the kitchen to keep me happy while I cook and clean. The downside: I cannot find my own i-Pod and I am using my husband’s playlist. (Though I also listen a *lot* to public radio.) The upside: I have been listening to ChangesBowie repeatedly, which goes along well with the Facebook reunion. How clearly can I see in my mind’s eye a dark, frenzied mass of beautiful young people shouting “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am!” Or remember watching David Bowie singing “Rebel Rebel” and “Heroes” on Live Aid — what was that, 1985?!

Good smells


I am not really into scented lotions and potions, but as we were traveling to Memphis earlier this month we stayed in a Marriot where Bath and Body Works Orange Ginger was the lotion, shampoo, soap, etc. Citrus + ginger = happy Shaun. It the “energy” part of their aromatherapy line. I told Eggmaster immediately: you can get me this for Christmas. Love it!

New purse:


I have a shocking amount of bags. It used to be shoes, but after years of Birkenstocks, Crocs, Born, Ecco, and such like, I cannot do the pointy toes anymore. Plus everything is so high-heeled, which doesn’t really speed me around Target and Whole Foods, much less shoveling snow. So now, bags. But I needed a new Vera Bradley wallet-on-a-string after completely wearing out the one I got to go with Victoria’s Vera Bradley diaper bag (note, Best Diaper Bag Ever, No Question). This one kind of matches my Vera Bradley messenger/laptop bag. No, not all my bags are Vera Bradley (honestly, I was dubious about the bags until I got one and it was so awesome).

Amazon gift card:
Among my purchases: a recording of The Magic Flute.

Spa gift certificate:
Hot stone massage here I come! I did this once on a spa day with my mother (hint: if you need to get a good gift for your mom, invite her to a spa day with you and enjoy yourself as well)

Scrapbooking gift certificate:
Do they sell sherpas for your bags of papers too cute to pass up?

The Wii:
This was a gift from me, but it has been a great excuse for all of us to play together, just as I’d hoped. Of course, it is another thing for the girls to fight about too, but I think they could fight over a pile of dirt as well, so I might as well choose something I can enjoy too!



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9 responses to “For the Woman Who Has Everything

  1. Neato. I must be the only person on the planet without an i-pod, I would love one but I’ve felt its not reasonable to have music plugging my ears while my child is around. I’m contemplating getting us BOTH i-pods now! Mind you, I’m half-deaf thanks to years of bellowing walkmans, so I probably shouldnt push my luck.

  2. That’s what makes the dock great — plus we use the iPod in the car a lot, over the car speakers (or we did, until I misplaced it). I can’t imagine wandering the house with headphones in. Either I’d be ignoring the people here, or I’d be home alone, in which case, who needs headphones? On the airplane, however, the headphones come in very handy.

  3. The Orange Ginger is great. My dh brings it home sometimes from traveling. I use it on the kids so they smell nice. Truth is I smell them much more than I smell myself.

    I love my iPod. I’m grappling now with the intense desire for an iTouch.

    Your family was very good to you. 😉

  4. Very thoughtful gifts. Ami love the Body Shop. Oh by the way, did you see the new “Girl of the Year” American Girl Doll. I think she looks like your girls.

  5. I should of checked my typos and grammar before I pressed “send”.

  6. shaun

    Yes, Chrissa is from Minnesota! We have a new AG store at the Mall of America (not too far from here), so I’m sure we’ll go see it.

  7. I didn’t read the entire advertisement so I didn’t realize the doll was “from” Minnesota! That is really neat.

  8. Those are great presents! I use my ipod dock/stereo all the time.

  9. Sigh, David Bowie. A few years ago I bought one of his Greatest hits CDs and it gets a lot of time on our stereos. For me it’s Changes and Young Americans. And the first few bars of Rebel Rebel always remind me of the high school dances we used to sneak into as middle schoolers. Everyone would POUR onto the dance floor.

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