Not Blogging

Here’s what I’m not blogging about right now

1. Inaugural fever. Yes, yes, there are a million things to be cynical about, questions to raise, doubts to address — and that will all happen. From Sunday to Tuesday, however, I was pure optimism, pure joy. Someone in the White House who will think, reflect, contemplate, consider. Someone in the White House who won’t torture, start phony wars, and utterly undermine the constitution he was sworn to defend.
So much more than that though. To me — a repudiation of the worst of the culture wars. I said that earlier, and since I’m not blogging, I won’t type it all out again.

2. High school. This comes from two directions. First, everyone and her brother is getting on Facebook, and we are all noticing how weird it is! It’s not just connecting with people from the past that’s weird — it’s this whole public social life where the etiquette is so confusing. Honestly, connecting with people from the past has been the best part — I am terrible at staying in touch with people, but this makes it easy. I’ve hooked up with a cousin I haven’t talked to in years, my best friend in 4th grade, college friends scattered across the country.
As some folks have said in the comments, high school is usually something best forgotten. Honestly, I am always (unfairly) suspicious of people who loved high school. And I am extremely suspicious (fairly, I think) of people who say their high schools had no cliques and everyone was friends with everyone else. These people were so high up on the social totem pole they had no idea there was a bottom.
So I was thinking of those things when I met with a friend thinking of homeschooling. (Go! Go!) She mentioned that she had always thought she would homeschool for high school, but hadn’t planned to do so earlier. I had thought something similar. Neither of us felt much good comes from high school, yet we’re both daunted by the issues of college prep homeschooling.

3. Blogging. What is the point, really? I’m sure it’s just a midwinter funk, but sometimes I think there are two kinds of blogs (see, you can tell from my set up already that I am wrong): the happy, sweetness’n’light blogs that are cheerful, full of babies and cute crafts, fairly earnest; and then there are the cranky blogs, the “this is bugging me, and this person bugs me, and don’t get me started on that thing” blogs, which really bring me down. (Dear reader, if you are a blogger looking at this and saying “What the hell? That’s not my blog!” then I can only defend myself by reminding you that I am not actually blogging about this. It’s what I’m not blogging.)
What is there to say that is not either a cherry-picked view of domestic/homeschool life or an argument with someone you don’t agree with? I am skeptical about the aims of personal blogging — what I am trying to accomplish? To look good on the screen? To connect? To say something of importance? To advance things I believe in? I’m just not sure.

4. Homeschool. Homeschooling is a little sluggish. Except that I think the girls are soon to receive Master’s in Lego construction. We are soon to start a new German program, which I will report on after we’ve tried it. Victoria continues to baffle and fascinate me, and I’m starting to see that she absolutely must have substantial amounts of large motor activity to get through the day without a meltdown. We’re going to begin an extended study of Asia, Africa, and other non-Euro/American history and geography in another months or so, after we wrap up the current US history series. And we’re trying Teaching Textbooks for math — I decided to go with prealgebra rather than algebra. I’m still trying to keep math low key as Violet keeps up with all of her other interests. The TT prealgebra has a lot of beginning algebra, I think.

5. Parenting the gifted. I have had many thoughts on this lately, but instead of trying to get them out I will share with you a new blog. It is written by a family I know personally — they are attachment parents, gentle, loving, relaxed homeschoolers. Their children are two years younger than Violet–the same age as some of your kids out there. They think a lot about sensitivities, something I know is an issue for many of us. I encourage you to check it out: Living With Live Wires: Your Conduit for Resources to Parent and Educate Gifted Children.



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8 responses to “Not Blogging

  1. Hi, thanks for “not blogging.” I’ve been awash in hope and happiness these last days as well, and I’ve had a return in my enthusiam to read the news. It is an interesting time.

    I blog to connect as I am a very lonely mom stuck at home with two highly spirited and sensitive children. πŸ™‚ That blog looks fantastic. I can’t wait to read it.

    Happy happy blogs bring me down.

  2. knittingthewind

    I was in tears as I watched the news last night – he’s already cutting into governmental corruption, he really is going to close Guantanamo Bay. If he only does that last thing, he’ll be a brilliant president.

    I have never done Facebook. Can’t see the point. But then again, I twitter.

    I’m with Nina, it’s the happy, everything-is-perfect blogs that depress me. I just keep them around for the pretty pictures. I like the deep-thinking, share-from-the-heart blogs. The ones that drag a line through happiness and depression and bring up real nutritious heart food. That’s why I read your blog.

    Seeing that Victoria needs that large motor activity – that is a huge battle won, right there.

    I’m off now to check out the link. (((Hugs))) to you my friend. I hope you keep on blogging on, I don’t know what I’d do without you. For one thing, you’re the only person who dares to disagree with me πŸ˜‰

  3. In the autumn I was sick of blogging, but I am doing a photo project this year that is interesting to me at least.

    That is an interesting blog. We are more than familiar with beans around here.

    I blog to connect. We don’t know many gifted kids like ours, but we know some gifted kids, however the challenges are different. I guess I am grasping for some normalcy, people who get it. On the other hand, I don’t feel comfortable writing about issues or religion.

    We are using Life of Fred Beginning Algebra which is mostly story/word problems. At these math levels, it is a balance between easy and challenge. She doesn’t need equations as she gets that. Eighth is easy; too much of too easy, she gets in the habit of not wanting to think. I decided against the Zacarro’s books because they label problems along brain power and that would upset my kid. There is also “The Art of Problem Solving.” We are set for this year, but maybe next year I will look at that.

  4. 1. I am also flying high these past few days, trying not to let the sour grapes crowd get me down.
    2. I am not on Facebook because high school is over. Thank God.
    3. I am not sure why I blog. Sometimes I am sooooo tempted to just hit delete and walk away from the whole thing. But then I would have to scrapbook and I suck at that.
    4. Homeschooling is going exceptionally well but I am finding I don’t have a lot to say about it lately. Just not in a philosophical mood I guess. Besides, other folks say it better and I don’t want to come off sounding like I have any answers. I don’t. I am winging it just like everyone else. So I just post pictures of my kids.
    5. Gifted kids? Not an issue I am dealing with. More power to ya!

  5. inneedofchocolate

    I have been reading here but not commenting much (if at all) but in re #2 I wanted to say that I enjoy your blog very much. I also have two daughters. My 5yo is gifted and her little sister seems as if she will be too. I followed a link here to a post about homeschooling gifted kids and I quickly became intrigued and wanted to read more of what you had to say. I enjoy your occasional posts about faith as well since I have recently began reconsidering Christianity and considering Catholicism. I read several “happy, perfect home” blogs and I love them (most days) for inspiration but I also read some cranky blogs when I need to know others are going through the same problems as me. I blog to connect with people but primarily to share the books we read and projects we do because that’s the main thing I take away from other blogs.

    #4 My 5yo requires lots of gross motor activity to keep going as well. We often have to pause work, turn on music and dance wildly for a few mintues so we can focus just a little more.

    #5 Thanks for the link. I will check that out.

  6. Angela,

    Glad to see you are not blogging, and have to admit you are one I sorely would miss. I have taken long breaks away from blogging, thinking my reasons were becoming narcisistic once, and I was too busy for a while. But what I found was that I needed to limit my read feed to those bloggers with whom I feel a kindred spirit , or those who challenge my ideas and get me thinking out of my comfort zone. You are one of those, dear!
    Please post about teaching Textbooks, and the german program. We are finding that Math U See is just not a good fit for Honey, and might change to TT next year. And I am forever looking for good language programs!

  7. LOL

    1. I in interested in seeing what is going to happen.
    2. I finally get what you mean about Facebook. Until recently I didn’t use it to look up old friends, just to stay connected to current friends in a different format than blogging.
    But last weekend I looked up my bff from 3 – 9th grade. *shudder* I decided not to go there. We were not always very nice to each other and I have in my life wondered what was wrong with me back then that I stayed friends with her for so long. It might have ben something about the huge crush I had on her brother. (whom I also didn’t “friend”)
    3. You are a great blogger! You often have very welcomed thought-provoking posts.
    I started blogging because I like writing. Sometimes I use it as a personal/public diary of my life with Z. Sometimes it is to keep my friends and family updates. Sometimes I want to communicate something more.
    4. Z needs large motor activity too. I set up a kind of OT gym in the basement for her.
    5. I will check it out. Thanks!

  8. 5. Thanks so much for the kind words!! –Tony

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