Cher Mere, one of the first gifted-homeschool-mom bloggers I met, was so sweet to tag me with this.

Since the instructions are to think of 6 things that make me happy, I figured following through with it would be a good way to perk up the day.

1. My bed. I’ve said this on the blog, and my husband laughs about it. Many are the nights that I burrow under the covers and say, “You know what I love?” And he says, “Bed.” That’s because I have asked and answered that question repeatedly, so he’s realized I’m not going to say anything new and surprising.
I have always loved my bed as an adult. I turn out the lights, get under the covers, and the rest of the day is gone. (Most of the time.) I’m just me, just being. And as I said before, nearly everything I get in bed, relax, and think, “I am so grateful to live in a time in place where I have a cozy bed,” knowing full well that for many people it is otherwise. I am not the most grateful person — I let life make me feel put upon, rather than blessed, a lot of the time — but somehow my bed corrects that once a day.

2. Mass. My parish — does not make me happy a lot of the time. God — confuses me. Mass — makes me happy I overcame inertia and got there. Most times after Eucharist I am just praying, Thank You God for getting me here today. There too I am mostly just being. I feel very much that I have stepped out of sequential time and am held in the web of all-time. It is a good feeling.

3. Perfect peaches. And grapefruit. These are my ideal fruits. To eat them is to tremble with delight.

4. It goes without saying that my kids can make me so happy. I’ll try to be specific: When Victoria reaches up and hugs me when I kiss her goodnight, so sincere and affectionate and small; when Violet proudly takes on a project like making scrambled eggs for herself and her sister, insisting on doing everything herself, just right

5. A freshly cleaned house. We are back to having cleaners after things got so out of hand from my long illness. We return from co-op every other week to a house that is not crying out with visual clutter and unfinished business in every corner, no mystery clumps of dust and fur in the corners. Breathe deeply, relax, sit.

6. A cocktail. But not just any cocktail. If you are a longtime reader you may recall that I like a cocktail made and handed to me by a man. “I am woman, hear me roar,” etc. etc., but I do like a man to make my drink, and I am not too shy about asking. Is that weird or what?

I am not tagging, I’m sorry. So many of those I would tag are either
a) already tagged
b) anti-tag
c) difficult to tag for various reasons

But I would encourage you to think of 6 happy things and share anyway — I am in need of happy ideas, myself.

So I’ll just say thanks. It was nice to return after 2 weeks away and find out that someone was still reading!


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