I think I have taken my “Grace” status too seriously, as I keep starting posts and not finishing them. Mainly, I have a lot going on and I am tired — I feel like a bear who should be hibernating! It is C-O-L-D these days and we all have cabin fever.

Below, our attempts to maintain sanity, or at least keep cheerful in our craziness:


Snow child


Snow baby


Snow people — dried hydrangea hair


Massive IKEA boxes


My new office mate. By the time we got through IKEA I was so frazzled and exhausted (and we had not even made it through the warehouse!) that when the children each chose a small reward for making it through the store too (we had promised Smaland, which was temporarily closed for replacing the balls or something) I got myself a little something cute.

Victoria and I were discussing why the frog had wings, and I loved her sensible answer: “Maybe it’s eaten tons of flies.” Get it — flies, wings?

I leave you with a Victoria funny that I hope is not offensive:

We were trying to reach my mom on the cell phone, and she was not picking up. I commented that sometimes my mom turns off her cell phone after making calls, which the girls thought was puzzling and a little silly.

Victoria pondered this, sighed, and said, “Well, she is a Republican.”

(I’m still not sure what that has to do with the price of tea in China, but you can see that our children get indoctrinated young here at the Red Sea School. And as I told Victoria, “not that grandma.”)



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2 responses to “Recently

  1. LOL – that comment is hilarious.

    Your snow creations look great. I’ve got to get out there with Z.

  2. Hydrangea hair! I LOVE that! Gosh, I see what you mean about all that snow. Amazing.

    Funny story. Interesting the ways their minds work, isn’t it? I find that when I interrogate, err, question, my kids about the remarks they make, there is always something perfectly plausible about the connections they make. I felt kind of embarrassed though about this story because I also turn off my phone! And everyone always gripes at me about it! Does this mean that I’m turning into an old lady? Ack.

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