Another excuse to keep coming back to it

On the benefits of blogging:

The researchers found support for deeper self-disclosure from bloggers resulting in a range of better social connections. These included things such as a sense of greater social integration, which is how connected we feel to society and our own community of friends and others; an increase in social bonding (our tightly knit, intimate relationships); and social bridging — increasing our connectedness with people who might be from outside of our typical social network.

Thanks to the Daily Dish.

[Aside: I don’t wear a hat, and saying “hat tip” or H/T feels a little silly. What about a curtsy? Anyone have a cute way to abbreviate that?]



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4 responses to “Another excuse to keep coming back to it

  1. hmmm does this mean I can keep my addiction:)

  2. Angela, QueenBee

    Sounds spot on to me. Hey, how about QrtZ? That is awkward, mayhaps a wink would be easier 😉 !

  3. Ooo thanks for posting this. That’s great to know.

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