Three Years

I can hardly believe it, three years since we pulled Violet out of school.

I dug out the first posts from the old blog, including the very first, when I had not even told the school yet! Scroll down for a sweet picture of two little girls who have grown quite a bit since it was taken.

When we first decided to homeschool back then, in March 2006, we thought we would put the girls into school in September 2008. Victoria would be a Kindergartner, and Violet would be . . . well, who knows what we would have chosen to do had we put her back in school this fall. But we didn’t, clearly. It was an experiment that worked.

Here were my thoughts as I began blogging about this new adventure:

I wish I could give a really great reason for our school’s name: The Red Sea School. The real reason is that my older daughter had been reading “Crossing the Sea” out of a Catholic Book of Bible Stories last year and came up with that name for the school she planned to start to teach her classmates (!).

But it makes a good name, don’t you think? Without pressing the idea too hard, I figure we’re looking for a similar miracle to take us to the promised land. I just hope we don’t spend 40 years in the desert first! 🙂

And here we are, crossing the sea to who knows where, but we have faith that it will be somewhere better than we could imagine.

And so it is — not just better than we could have imagined, but bigger, richer, deeper, just *more* than we could have imagined. Yet somehow, after three years, also more ordinary than we could have imagined. I can still rally to the homeschool or gifted cause, but most days homeschooling is so ordinary I forget that everyone else isn’t doing it too.

So, a toast to The Red Sea School (I’m headed downstairs to fix a cocktail right after I click post!) — long may she endure!



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8 responses to “Three Years

  1. Congratulations, lifting my glass (okay my tea cup) to you over here!

  2. I leave you for a day or two and you CHANGE! Wowee zowee! I’m excited!

    (oops, are you going to mentally classify me as Writer Lite now?)

  3. Hey! I just looked up and noticed the change here! I was so focussed on quickly dashing off a comment before … It looks wonderful!!!

  4. I’ll drink to that!

    We started just over 3 years ago, too. And I know what you mean about it just becoming normal.

  5. I like your new look.


  6. Happy Three years. I like the banner photo. So cute.

  7. Yahoo! That’s worth celebrating!

  8. Oh Congratulations!! I can’t believe it has been this long! Will we “see” you over summer? Grace would love to meet Violet and Victoria!

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