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[Finally I am posting this — I had to get *another* connector for the digital camera. Where do they go?]

We recently picked up this set of books:

physics periodic table biology

I’m sure they’re not for everyone. Seriously science-minded kids — or at least, serious science-minded kids — may find them a little too silly. But they are fun and easy to pick up and flip through for a moment or read through for a while.

I got them for Victoria, primarily, knowing that everyone else in the house would want to read them too. I think the Periodic Table book is probably the best, but they were cheap enough (and not available at local libraries) that I got them all. But Victoria was in a funk today and told me that she could not read them, so — about 10 minutes after a big fight in which little sis “spanked” big sis and many 5yo screams were heard round the neighborhood — Violet offered to read to her, and Victoria accepted happily.


She had just turned down dad’s similar offer.

We are working on the yelling. We are like a set of dominoes — one person loses it and we all go off. So we are working as a family to yell less. The girls have put posters all over the house. I rather like this one.


If you cannot see, the mother figure is swearing. Violet said, “Well, you do swear a lot.” What?! Oh dear . . .



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8 responses to “Around the House

  1. Lol about the swearing & yelling. Someone almost said a swear word infront of my dd a couple of weeks ago, and apologised to her. She said, “don’t worry, I’m used to it.” *blush* Swearing when upset or panicked is a major flaw with me.

    I like the poster!

  2. That’s a great reminder and humorous too.

    I do slip at times myself, but when I send my daughter to my sister’s she returns with all sorts of vocabulary. She usually asks what something means, but last week she decided to use one of those newly acquired words from her ex-Uncle. (… I actually use “Uncle”, but my sister is divorced. Both own homes on the same street because they get along, but not under the same roof.)

    I told her she had a problem to fix, and then I heard a bad word in her response.

    “Where did you learn that?”

    “Oh Uncle… he says it when it tries to fix something.”

  3. Angela, QueenBee

    Love the cartoon. I remember once overhearing a young HoneyGirl tell a friend that “my mom can swear as good as a sailor when she is really mad.” Ouch! Not quite something I want her to emulate 🙂 Yelling less is such a noble goal…good for you all!

  4. Tigger loves that periodic table book. And swearing is something she’s used to, too, though she doesn’t do it much herself.

    BTW, your feed doesn’t always come through for me. Probalby since you made the changes. Not sure if it is you or me.

  5. Love the poster! It’s so creative.

    Glad to know I am not the only mother in existence that yells sometimes.

  6. “We are working as a family to yell less”

    I want to roll around on the floor laughing at this. It’s very funny. Is there a slight possibility that any of you are enablers?

    I also like that nose up in the air sketch. Very distinctive. Reminds me of something. (can’t think what though)

    I swear a lot. My family all see it as one of my foibles. And I’ve told them that I don’t want to hear it coming out of their mouth before they are 16. Well, that’s mostly to curb Max’s tendency to swear. He’s hitting That Age these days.

  7. Oh!

    We got the Periodic Table one from the library and I thought it was fabulous. So interesting and funny at the same time!

    Thanks for reminding me of it-I’m checking out the others soon!

  8. Thanks for the book recommendations. William loves them!

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