Up and Down

The weather is beautiful, I am spring cleaning around the children, and life generally feels cheerful.

My heart is heavy reading a series about torture on the Daily Dish (see sidebar of regular reads) — what has this country become? — but I can’t help but be hopeful when I look out and see melting ice, blue skies, the tiniest hints of new life on the lilac bushes, and kids in crocs riding their scooters (those would be my kids). Let the changes keep coming, from bottom up and top down.

Also, according to Visit Britain, a performance of Macbeth starts somewhere in the world every four hours. Now that’s something.

I am enjoying the de.licio.us widget — I wish I could add notes. But they are all good reading. I did not link the torture series, as the photos were too much to click too unawares, but I commend The Daily Dish as a political blog to you anyway. If you don’t know it, the author, Andrew Sullivan, is a former Brit and a gay conservative Catholic who supported Obama. In other words, his political and cultural loyalties may be even more divided than yours or mine, so there’s minimal partisan drumbeating. I have been reading it on and off for years, but now I find that I want to bookmark several things from it every day. (And every once in a while, I fire off a dissenting e-mail too.)


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