What’s Up — Ten Assorted Things

1. Victoria has been reading the Little House books, and has been really taken with the bizarre concept of head cheese. So we got a couple of slices at the grocery store. It was not a hit.

2. The girls have been building stick forts with brush from the neighbors’ yard. This has been taking a blessedly long time every afternoon.


3. We went to the Kalahari waterpark in Wisconsin a few weeks ago and had an awesome time. Except that I developed tendinitis — the inflammation started with excessive Dance Dance Revolution-playing and then went over the top with climbing waterslide stairs over and over. I am still somewhat non-functioning, footwise.


Happy child


another Happy child

4. Save me from myself. But be nice to the blog owner, who seems to be a very nice guy. (I always think of that cartoon: “Someone is wrong on the Internet!”)

5. One reason I am not blogging a lot: my mind is full of American politics. And I don’t want to write a lot about it. Tea parties, torture, gay marriage, socialism — we seem to have gone a little insane. (Note: the only thing these things have in common is that they are hot-button issues in the news.) I do post some tidbits in the delicious sidebar. And if you also use delicious, please let’s network. I do try to post homeschooling related stuff that I want to save–ideas for projects, online classes, etc.–and would love to share with others.

6. I am trying to reach out to the world again after an unintentionally self-imposed isolation. I promise — I will comment on your blog again soon.

7. Been reading about La Rochefoucauld — wow, not a happy man. Also finished Pride and Prejudice and Zombies — maybe worth a quick read for the serious fan, but not nearly as entertaining as I had hoped. Then again, how can you beat that title?

8. I made these for Easter. They look very much like the work of someone who has never knitted toys before — because they are.


They are made from a linen yarn with some kind of weird silky blend for the inner ears.

9. I also have not been blogging a lot because I have been online looking at where I could quickly enroll my children for the remainder of the year! But I think that is calming down. We are seeking a little assistance in dealing with the intensities in this household. Ten is striking in full force, hormones are rampaging, life will never be the same.

10. I can never fail to be charmed by Violet’s love for this song, which earned her love by mention something remotely related to Shakespeare. Hearing her sing it around the house — and watching her watch the video on YouTube — is a very sweet harbinger of things to come. (As opposed to the loud and nasty harbingers we get at other times.)



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7 responses to “What’s Up — Ten Assorted Things

  1. 1. Ew. Even the term makes me feel sick.
    2. Sigh. And sigh again. For two children that is fun. For one it is just a reminder that she is alone.
    3. Sorry about your injury, I hope it improves. Rose loved the pictures of the pool, we have nothing like that here.
    4. He lost me with his title, which was grammatically incorrect. If you want to put down the intelligence of others, you have to first show some yourself.
    5. I am intrigued. What are tea parties? Well, you know, in the context of politics? And I wonder your opinion of gay marriages. And I would love to deb … er, discuss socialism with you – but I appreciate you don’t want to write about it! Especially not with opinionated people like me around 😉
    6. Do what is right for you.
    7. Sounds interesting.
    8. I love these bunnies! So cute!
    9. I empathise. But hey, you have cast a shadow over my entire day – I thought ten was supposed to be the *good* year??!!
    10. How lovely 🙂

  2. Seems to be a good idea:
    1. Yuck.
    2. My girls do this too, along with making “soup”. I won’t describe what goes into that.
    3. I love water parks, but they are too expensive and it really bites to get hurt while you’re having fun. Get better soon!
    4. Ugh. The whole article and subsequent comment “arguments” made me want to vomit. People should mind their own business.
    5. Tea parties are a good idea. The mainstream media should “pull it’s head out” if you follow my thought, and sadly, we’ve always been insane.
    6. I can’t remember if I’ve seen your around my blog or not, but hey! Comment if you like, or not. 🙂
    7. I haven’t read either of those, but the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies should have been funny–that title!
    8. The bunnies are cute! I am too just learning how to knit and I’d never figure out how to make those cuties!
    9. We school online at Time 4 Learning and we love it. Can’t say that everyone will love it, but we sure do.
    10. I’d love to listen to it, but sadly my internet connection will take hours to load this 4 minute song. That’s the breaks when you live in the sticks. 😦

  3. 1. Well at least they were adventurous enough to try it.

    2. Zoe and her friends have been building stick fairy houses.

    3. I am sorry to hear about your tendentious but that place looks cool!

    4. I heard about this on the other list. I just had to ignore it.

    5. Heh. I SO wish we could rant together. Next time I see you online I might have to bug you.

    6. I DO miss you. Please comment soon!

    7. I have plans to read the Zombie one, as a am a hardcore fan.

    8. I think they are totally awesome and adorable!

    9. Wow. Oh… wow.

    10. I heard this the other day that thought of you and your girls.

  4. I don’t have ten things to say, but I did want to say that the bunnies are delightful! They are sure to be treasured for many years.

    Also, I appreciated seeing your delicious link to the Innocence Project. Have you read “The Death of Innocents” by Sister Helen Prejean?

  5. I will NOT save you from yourself because your posts were the best there! I’m so glad you wrote 🙂 I’m still brewing a response in my head, but by the time I decide what I really want to say, it will be too late to be relevant. I do think Clay is a nice guy, and pretty responsible blogger. I’ve been following him and enjoying much of the discussion. However, I was quite disappointed that he entertained this idea for even a moment.

    LOVE the bunnies. I crochet amigurumi critters. Are you on Ravelry.com? If so, find me -I’m jelsmith. If not, maybe you should wait to go there until you have a LOT of free time 😉

    Lastly, K loves that song, too. It’s on repeat on the ipod in the car quite often. Love the Shakespeare reference, but I hear the tune in my dreams now.

  6. 1. Victoria is doing well with her reading. 8. I like the simplicity and irregularity of the rabbits. 4. For a moment I thought people were hardier in MN, but then I saw the pool was indoors. 9. Us too. I hope you get some resolution. Mine is so argumentative, but with other adults too, but she is still tiny at 42 pounds & 46 inches, so we are not sure what it is this time. 5. Ami is different than us. 4. I wish I were comfortable with giving an opinion.
    2. Since our ground is rock, and there is no grass, Ami and Scout shoveled granite into a huge pile on the patio today. I was shocked when I saw it and asked, “Who is going to put that back?”

    “Sitting on your butt doesn’t buy any bread,” responds Ami. ( Les Miserables the Musical)
    10. The costumes were beautiful. Ami likes all types of music, especially “Five for Fighting“, but currently it is “Master of the House” and “Castle on a Cloud”.

  7. When we got seriously into the Royal Scotsman Haggis Hunt online game (in which they treat the Haggis as a real animal) my kids all became fixated on the haggis we’d see at the butchers. Finally my mum bought some and they were all horrified at how horrifying it was. I think Head Cheese is in a category of its own, though, with Haggis as a close second.

    I am constantly thinking about options for next year, particularly with my eldest. He’s heading into his teen years and it’s getting more awkward to negotiate those bumps in the road. I feel less and less inclined to do it, too. So I offer my condolences and commiserations, if nothing else.

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