Goodbye Little Girl


Hello my tweenager.




Excuse me while I go have a little cry . . .



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9 responses to “Goodbye Little Girl

  1. AhMa AhMa AhMa

    Can you hear me crying too? The thought of Violet turning 10 has been on my mind for several weeks & also thinking of you & your feelings. I have spoken of it often with friends. Most recently earlier today when a co-worker asked about Violet & Victoria. “Strong baby” turns 10!!!

  2. what a difference! She’s beautiful, with a wonderful strength in her eyes. Good luck, mama!

  3. I still love her hair. At least it isn’t long and all in her face. She looks happy and not too moody like some tweens I know.

  4. Oh my, she has grown. She is cute and stylish. Congratulations to her!

  5. I like the rockin’ spunkydoodle hair! My DD also has gone short. The hairdresser was so impressed as “most girls that age want to look like everyone else” and short hair is not the norm. Be grateful for that spark of individuality. And happy birthday!

  6. Wow! She’s so…grown-up!! 😀 She’s awesome!
    Hugs, and I am sorry it is hitting you:(

  7. Dad

    Same thing happened to you. New fun and challenges to come.

  8. Hey Shaun, I have a friend with a PG son, and she just started a blog. She’s struggling with how hard to push him. Would you go read it, and comment if you feel moved?

  9. Wow. I thought I posted to this already. I wanted to say that she looks like a great cool kid.

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