A Little Something for Her Trouble

Victoria suffers mightily as a younger sister.

Her older sister has done everything already, is good at everything, can talk anyone into anything.

As Victoria accurately observed, Violet will always get everything first: first bike, first digital camera (new for 10th birthday), first sleepover, first sleepaway camp. Bad as it is to feel jealous, she adds to that her despair that things will never change.

The flip side, which she doesn’t take into account, is that Victoria also gets things sooner. Playing on the computer, eating candy, having video games — these were things Victoria got to do at a much earlier age because she had an older sister in the house.

And so, the upside of watching big sister open a check to go get a brand new bike is getting a new-to-her bike herself.



[note: her helmet is usually not so loose!]


Tell me, is she not the cutest thing on two wheels? (or four wheels, if you like)



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5 responses to “A Little Something for Her Trouble

  1. As a second child myself I totally feel her pain.
    But she sure is cute!!!

  2. She is the cutey-ist!

  3. Darling! I love the outfit. If they could only remain so confident.

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