What Do Homeschoolers Dream Of?

Last night I dreamed that I was looking for a homeschooling catalog. In the dream, I had found the same one at a friend’s house, and noticed that it had a grade-by-grade set of suggestions for history series. There was a fantastic looking 3-volume set for 8th grade world history. Secular, scholarly, student-friendly — I could not wait to get home and order it. I looked everywhere but could not find the catalog, nor could I remember the name of the publisher. P-something.

Have you ever had a dream that fulfills your longings and then you wake up disappointed? When I was a young teen and John Stamos was on General Hospital (remember Blackie?) I dreamed that we were driving around my high school together in his red convertible. I was so crushed to wake up and realize that I had not *really* found my ticket to social success.

I felt the same way this morning when I found a homeschool catalog on my desk, realized that it was the one I had been searching for in my dream, and it did not contain anything like the books I had been dreaming of.



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6 responses to “What Do Homeschoolers Dream Of?

  1. Oh boy, do I get where you are coming from! I just finished outlining next year’s curriculum for the two oldest boys. Nothing is ever a perfect fit. These darn kids will always need to know more. 🙂 The idea of finding any perfect resource would be a beautiful dream.

    BTW, isn’t it funny how our wants have changed since high school?

  2. Oh, I hear ya.

    I have entire days like this, where I’m certain that the dreams I carry should be attainable in some sort of simple, step-by-step way–often it’s more convoluted than that. Way more, with lots of cul-de-sacs.

    Good luck!

  3. I saw your comment about essays. I am pretty sure, in a chapter on curriculum in High IQ, that it suggested using well-known essayists to teach essay writing to PG kids. (If you know of great females let me know.)

    The author of that chapter’s opinion was that traditional form is for kids who can’t write or organize their thoughts. It is overly restrictive and requires over simplification of big thoughts.

    Interestingly that has been my opinion from day one for my own reasons. I plan to do it this way, and then teach for the SAT when the time comes.

    But who knows what is best with these kids any way? It feels like an experiment.

  4. I had a dream that the chocolate cake I’d made for a dinner party got thrown at me as we were leaving the party. Fortunately my dream didn’t come true, although my kids were slightly disappointed because they thought it sounded like a really exciting dream. Yup, getting hit by chocolate cake. Fun.

  5. *sigh* I am always looking for things that don’t exist . Maybe I should just write my own curriculum.

  6. Angela, QueenBee

    You certainly have me giggling…in the way only another homeschooler could!

    It seems forever that we are stuck doing our own compilations!

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