Start of Summer

How do we know summer has started?

First, our “summer vacation” has traditionally been marked by sending Violet off to camp. And she is off again, for her 3rd year at Sen Lin Hu. She was so excited, though it is hard for Victoria to be without her constant companion (and sparring partner), and hard for us to wonder where she is and what she is doing at any given time.


The other sign is that I was begging my husband to put the air conditioners in. (No, I am not strong enough, nor are my arms long enough.) Here is a photo Victoria took of a hot exhausted bum during our park trip after dropping off Violet.


Eventually Victoria got so hot she had to join the lazy woman on the park bench.


Next stop, happy neighborhood coffee shop for a muffin (her) and iced tea (me).


Really, would you move away from a city with friendly neighborhood coffeeshops and tall, shady trees for a suburban plot with few more square feet of garden space?



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3 responses to “Start of Summer

  1. I hope Violet has a great time at camp. And that you find some relief from the heat!

  2. That’s a nice photo of Victoria’s pretty eyes.

  3. Was that supposed to read “hot exhausted MUM”? Or did you really mean “bum”? Reminds me of the time we put a new page on our Mac account when the twins were born, showing their older brother Max proudly holding them both. We referred to him as the “proud big bother.” It was there for a few days before we caught it…

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