Wonders of the Internets

Hurry for the internet, which allows us to peek in on our little camper, even if she forgets to use the stationery and stamps we supplied her.

This is the camp she attends.

And here is a photo of her I found — do you think she is excited to be there?


In other online news, I am on twitter, so feel free to call yourself to my attention so I have someone to follow.

My young one is requiring my attention — being the only child in the house right now — so I will direct you to one other internet location, my friend’s cool new homeschooling site: Homeschool Recess.



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5 responses to “Wonders of the Internets

  1. Thanks for the Homeschool Recess link! That looks interesting.

  2. What a great photo. The first thing I did, after locating Violet’s happy face, was to inspect the teachers for signs of responsibility, sensible mien, and other assurances they are safe and good caretakers for my friends’ child 😉

    Homeschool Recess looks awesome!

  3. Sorry, I am usually so careful with my apostrophes. Lest your husband wonder who is this strange person he’s never once encountered but now calling him friend, I meant to write “friend’s” of course.

    Your pedantic pal,
    Sarah Patience 😉

  4. I hope she has a great time. She looks strikingly happy. 🙂

  5. Looks like she’s having a fabulous time!

    Thanks for linking to my site.

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