My little girl

Always Violet has seemed so big to me. She was a long baby, and then she was off the charts with her growth for many years. She is still quite tall for her age, though not as prone to towering over her peers as she used to be. Obviously she towers over her younger sister.

And then there is the whole gifted thing, with the young child who speaks like an adult, has many adult-like interests, spells better than most adults, etc.

Still, she is a child, despite all the red herrings. Last year when she participated in piano contest, we got her a lovely gown, and she looked so grown-up to me.

Until the concert, when I got to compare her to 15-16 year-olds, some of whom looked like glamorous college grads.

I had a similar feeling when I found this recent update on the Sen Lin Hu site, my little 10yo tromping around with a group of high school boys. Lordy she is still a baby!


That’s her in the gray t-shirt and black track pants. (The gray shirt, BTW, was supposed to be a Nightshirt Only, per agreement when we were packing.)

I do look forward to seeing her soon, but I am so happy to give this to her. I hope that Sen Lin Hu will be a favorite childhood memory for her.

And I am so happy for this reminder of how young she really is, how much more time we have for childhood. than I sometimes feel, when we’re already looking at high school and college curriculum.



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5 responses to “My little girl

  1. This makes me sigh in a shivery kind of way.

  2. My daughter just turned 8 and it was just very stressful for me, especially since about 4 days later she tried to kiss a boy at a birthday party. It was an innocent gesture, but it was just….nearly too much for me. 8?!?


  3. That’s really neat how they use technology to keep the parents aware of what is going on.

    Sometimes it feels like they grow-up too fast for us parents.

  4. A sigh indeed. I hear ya Sarah… whatever happened to the good ole days eh?
    Killer stress indeed!

  5. isn’t it neat wen we are reminded of how young they are.

    It looks like she is having a wonderful time.

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