A Poem for Sarah

This is rather hard to do, putting this poem on my weblog. Sarah made something lovely out of my ungainly words, while I have made something slight out of her solid, strong words.

Still, for the work of a few moments, I think the story, at least, will please her:


“It’s not fair,” she said,
and she was right.

For god had made her a wild angel,
with wind-torn wings still smoking
from flying too close to the sun,

(or was it too close to that old devil?)

Yet her death-defying dazzle met
only the stony stare of an impassive audience,
sitting solemnly on cold white clouds,
not a drop of wine on their pristine garments.

Is it any wonder she was slowly being seduced
by the gentle whisperings of the demons below?



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5 responses to “A Poem for Sarah

  1. sarah haliwell

    I love it! I really do! Wow, add another string to the bow of your cleverness. Thank you for writing it, and for having the courage to share it 🙂 I’m glad you did, because it’s great.

  2. lapazfarm


  3. Angela, QueenBee

    I love this imagery! Wonderfully done!

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