Around the house

It is a rather gloomy day, and not much is getting done. Thunderstorms last night, which kept me up, so I let myself sleep in. As usual: the later I get up, the more I drag my feet the rest of the day.

But I have seen some sights to cheer me up:

Victoria got out her newly discovered gears and got back to building. She has been doing amazing things with this toy, which has sat unused for a year after being enjoyed thoroughly at first. She is so patient and careful, and continues to show herself as the little engineer we’ve always considered her to be. I still remember her as an infant at her great aunt’s house, patiently trying every key from a big ring on a locked cupboard. Such a different mind from mine — so cool to watch!

Meanwhile Violet got set up to take an online intro to some of the tools she’ll be using for her Lightning Lit class. She is sooooooo excited. She is also really excited about the forums — if you have kids doing OnlineG3, get them into Continue the Story. Violet lives for this kind of activity — each new contribution sends her to the moon.

I chatted on the phone a while, then turned to see Victoria sitting on the sofa, happily reading the Marcia Williams’ graphic version of The Canterbury Tales. Always nice to see an early interest in Chaucer 😉 — though I assume much of it goes over her head. Sometimes it still goes over my head — or at least I start reading too fast and don’t get the necessary details. Something about Chaucer makes me feel impatient.

I have been reading a fair amount of Pilgrim’s Progress for a work project, and other Puritan writings, and that clunky Anglo-Saxon — compared to zippy Latinate prose — really does feel bogged down to me. Lively up yourself, John Bunyan! (I liked Grace Abounding better.) Those nice Romance words that roll trippingly off the tongue just read faster, even when you’re reading in your head. Which perhaps, when you are reading Bunyan, is the point.

We are all boxes and detritus around here, which is really bringing me down. At least I was used to the organization of our old clutter. Now I am stumbling around our rearranged furniture and there are boxes stacked in every corner, and I am totally disoriented. I forget how hard I work to make myself comfortable, the extent to which I get things “just so” in order to function (“just so” does not mean clean or neat) — and when that is disrupted I find out I am not so easy going after all!



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3 responses to “Around the house

  1. I like those Marcia Williams books. Sounds like you are having the best morning you can while wading through boxes. Congrats on the new house.

    I miss thuderstorms. We don’t seem to have them here in the PNW.

  2. I myself have never much appreciated Chaucer – although I did like Troilus and Cressida. I must admit I sigh a little over your writing-loving girl. I have one of those engineer types! I love her just the way she is, of course, but I always expected to have a little poet, lol! 😉

    I sympathise with your discomfort due to all the packing, but just think that very soon you will be in a wonderful, beautiful big house, and you will barely remember this time at all.

  3. having the house cluttery brings me down too.

    It is so interesting to hear about Victoria being a little engineer. Cool!

    I wonder if Z and Violet are writing together on G3. Zoe has been really into that too.

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