Plans Are Made For Changing

And yet I am making some plans.

I am not yet sure how much we’ll be homeschooling in September, beyond what we are doing now, but I think we will give it a go. I need to choose some things that we can do anywhere, so that when the hoardes come knocking down our door to see our house come Labor Day, we can comfortably sit at the library or coffeeshop for a few hours.

Violet’s schedule is filled to overflowing as usual — we’ll see what lasts til the end of the year.

History: Sonlight. I am having her go along with Victoria’s ancient cultures studies, with some additional books. Lots of Greek and Roman myths to start out. We will resume our Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere stuff later, working it into what Victoria is doing. The girls very much enjoy having something that we all do together, and so do I. I am thinking we will be listening to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series during our many car rides, too. Both girls love Greek myths.

Literature: Lightning Lit with Online G3. This is one I’m excited about, because she is so excited, and because it is something that we can be consistent with even when we are traveling around, moving house, etc. Violet is also delighted that the course includes The Hobbit (which she loved) and A Christmas Carol (which she is curious about).

English: Ongoing Michael Clay Thompson, Word Within the Word and Magic Lens. We are rather sporadic with this, much as we enjoy it. I think as we do more Greek and Roman history it will be fun to get back to the stems — we haven’t looked at MCT all summer.

Linguistics: Once we get the TV set up in the new house, we’ll get back to our friend John McWhorter and the linguistics lectures. We are missing them!

Math: Life of Fred Algebra. I haven’t actually gotten the books yet, but Violet really enjoyed looking through the earlier books (she just read them for the story, as the topics were a little old hat) and is excited to try this. I am all for it, and will let you know how long the honeymoon lasts before we are setting timers, confiscating doodles, and otherwise stressing over Violet’s tendency to daydream after about 15 minutes of doing math problems.

Science: co-op will be our main science source, though we will be watching more NOVA from now on. Can’t get enough of ScienceNow. This year should be interesting: They are doing some minor dissection in the spring.

World Languages: Chinese and German, as always.

Other outside classes: programming with Alice, art, creative writing, piano/music theory

I assume there will be something theatre-related in there too.

Victoria has a less frantic schedule, naturally.

History: Sonlight. I’m just going to go out on a limb and say it. We are enjoying the Children’s History of the World. I know some people really don’t like it, but for a *children’s* history it’s effective. And I’ll tell you Victoria can find Egypt, the Tigris, and the Euphrates on a world map lickety-split!

Literature/English: I don’t plan anything formal. She is rather an inventive speller, but I’m just letting her go with that for now. Another year of strong reading under her belt and we’ll see where she is. Just lots of reading reading reading. The Sonlight 2 readers are way too easy for her now — not that you could pay me to get rid of Frog and Toad for any amount of money. When I am old and in the nursing home, they can come read Frog and Toad to me, and I will be very happy. For Victoria, lots of Beverly Cleary. We’ve also found the secret store of Magic Tree House/Secrets of Droon that I never gave away, so that occupies her, along with memorizing the entire Calvin and Hobbes corpus. I need to remember the early “chapter books” Violet was reading. She could probably re-read the Little House books on her own now, too.

Science: co-op and NOVA again. And Magic School Bus. And I am really going to try to do some kind of experiments at home after we get settled in. I mean it!

Math: We’ll be starting with Singapore. However, come January I may dump it and switch if it is not exciting Victoria a little more. I think it worked well with Violet because it seemed like we were rapidly filling in the concrete foundation for the abstract ideas she could already grasp. For Victoria, I don’t think it is working the same way. I will consider RightStart or Miquon, perhaps. But Lord, I can’t handle yet another study of math curricula, not now.

World Languages: Spanish at co-op

Other outside classes: art, karate, dance, piano/music, chess

I hope Victoria will like chess — it’s what was available for her age group at the G&T co-op while Violet is in programming class. I think she has the right mind for it — watching her put those gears together the last few weeks I could see her thinking several steps ahead. Me — I don’t do strategy games. Word games, yes. Trivia games, selectively OK. Chess, Go, Mancala — I am awful.

After Labor Day I think I will start adding the history/geography and the math most days — Violet will also be doing Lightning Lit, Chinese, and German — and see how that goes. Our usual co-op will start then too, though we will miss much of the first month.

Once we set up a base camp in the new house (early October) we’ll get the rest going. I suspect the rest of 2009 will be taken up with trying to find a new rhythm, new cozy spots and productive spots, not to mention new routes to the store, new parks, new church (argh!), new everything.

That means that I have these plans to start with, knowing full well that not all of it is going fit into our days for quite some time.



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3 responses to “Plans Are Made For Changing

  1. The plans sound ambitious and great! Our girls are working on a lot of the same things. Helps validate that I have chosen the right resources. *wink*

    I am going to check out ScienceNow.

  2. Glad to hear that Sonlight is working out so well for your family [smile]. Keep up the great work!


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