Ya think?

Got this link from someone on twitter, who retweeted from someone else, who RTd someone else, and so on and so on . . .

Nice summary of “Gifted Children-Social Emotional Challenges” from James Webb — so familiar, so good to be reminded that it’s all pretty normal.

This one made me laugh:

Gifted children often have several advanced capabilities and may be involved in diverse activities to an almost frantic degree. Though seldom a problem for the child, this may create problems for the family.

You don’t say . . .

A little freaked out by the blog name: The Triumphant Child. I mean, I like it, but . . . what about The Modestly Successful Child. My midwestern sensibilities are much more comfortable with that. 😉



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2 responses to “Ya think?

  1. inneedofchocolate

    Thanks for the link. This part really resonated with me: “These children may see in their “mind’s eye” what they want to do, construct, or draw; however, motor skills do not allow them to achieve the goal. Intense frustration and emotional outbursts may result.”

  2. I looked at it differently at the name differently.

    The “Triumphant Child” gives me a successful image. Many gifted children are hard on themselves, or even sometimes their own enemy.

    No one is harder on my child than herself.

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