Many Thanks

Just a short note of thanks to the people who have commiserated and encouraged with regard to the move. It really helps!

I am on such a roller coaster — I am sure I am wearing my family out! At times I am despondent about the chaos, about the deadlines slipping away, about how dreadfully disorganized and messy we are even when we aren’t moving, about what a bad friend I am being as I am so caught up in my own busyness. And then at other times I am galloping on about how great everyone is, and how great the world is, and how blessed we are and how friends keep turning up just when I need them most.

This can all happen in the space of an hour, several times a day.

It’s a crash course in gratefulness and trust. I am missing church nearly every Sunday as time runs out for meeting some essential deadline and I have to choose between my health/sanity and yet another outing, but this is like Eucharist to the homebound. The bread and wine friends shared with us tonight was yet another unexpected touch of the Real Presence.

I will need to have lots and lots of payback dinners once our dining room and kitchen are mostly box-free.



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5 responses to “Many Thanks

  1. It took me a year to unpack all the boxes when we moved 6 years ago. It is a lot of work.

  2. Molly

    Shaun, no such thing as a payback. People do it because they love you. That’s it. 🙂

  3. Molly

    BTW, that little emoticon after my comment didn’t come out the way I meant it. It was meant to be a serene and peaceful smile, to go along with the serene and peaceful thought of people helping you b/c they love you, end of transaction. (Um, is it neurotic of me to think I might need to clarify my smileys??).

  4. shaun

    Molly — Answer to parenthetical question, yes. 😉

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