For Future Reference

Being a perfectionist, I have a lot of days when I am sure I have ruined my children for life. Yet sometimes there are days where it seems like we might be OK:

This morning, when Victoria came home with dad from piano class, he told us of a particular triumph of hers (she needs a few triumphs). Violet exclaimed “Oh V., come here!” and they had a lovely celebratory embrace.

They have been tromping around the house together cheerfully singing “Deck the Halls,” and when I came to ask them to get their laundry from the basement they were sitting playing chess together.

I mentioned to them that we would be getting new wardrobes for each of them today (attic bedrooms, no closets, you know), which was met with cheering and then an extended conversation on what they might find should they climb through their wardrobes, along with more merry tromping. (Hurrah for the bigger house! Tromping allowed!)

Must remember such mornings on all those other mornings.



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4 responses to “For Future Reference

  1. lovely! I’m sending you a virtual celebratory embrace. These are the mornings your children will remember forever.

  2. lapazfarm

    Yep! These are the days that make it ALL worth it!

  3. Mariposa

    That’s neat.

    Good parents have days when they wonder if they screwed up.

  4. That sounds so happy! 🙂

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