At least we amuse ourselves

Nerd alert:

While ice skating, we all commented on how warm and sunny it felt. Sitting in the snow by the side of the outdoor rink, I said it felt like a day at the beach.

“It’s like the beach on Hoth,” says Violet.

2010-01-16 12.48.55

Drama alert:

After ice skating, we’re all exhausted and hungry. Cranky 6yo can’t quite get her spirits back up. After getting her lunch, she says, “I’m more crestfallen than ever.”

2010-01-16 12.47.53

Bible scholar alert:

We brought sushi to co-op the other day, and the girls asked about sharing with a particular friend. I say, “Well, that’s why we bring food, to share with everyone.” I correct myself and say that we can’t share with everyone.

“Not unless Jesus comes and blesses it,” says Victoria. Later she says, “Cuz it’s fish, get it?”

[do your kids say that all the time? make a joke and then say “get it? get it?”]

One of Victoria’s old babysitters still talks about her sighing and saying, “Well, the poor will always be with us.”



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7 responses to “At least we amuse ourselves

  1. Andrea

    Haha – cute!
    Your photos had that weird 70’s feel about them for some reason.

  2. Molly

    Funny – this post, and the last. Love the cute things kids say.

  3. Oh I just LOVE the colour in those photos. It’s AWESOME. It really is.

  4. Mariposa

    Cute and funny.

  5. ali

    “I’m more crestfallen than ever.”
    Too funny!

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