Come and See!

Day 3 of no criticizing, and all is well.

I spend a fair amount of time wondering what counts as criticism. We all have overdeveloped sarcasm responses, and I employ mine more than is probably wise for a mother of a six year old. How often do I hide criticism behind a so-called “joke”? Something to ponder over the next month.

In general, I can see that this effort is so far having a positive effect on me. I am not as cross. I don’t feel that I am holding things in and about to explode. On the contrary, my attempts to focus on the positive and on giving direction that doesn’t sound like scolding are generally making me happier.

We’ve had a nice day — a little slower-paced than usual because we’ve been sick and some of our activities are on hold. The girls made a hilarious iPod ad in three languages (sort of). Then as I sat down to work Victoria came running to me, “Come and see! Come and see! Look at the sunset!” So we looked out the back window at the sunset as she said, “Isn’t it so beautiful?”

Then she ran downstairs to Violet and said the same thing: “Come and see! Look at the sunset!” And Violet ran to look at the sunset out the porch door, and then spontaneously turned to hug me.

And as I sat down to type this, my husband called to the girls from the office, “Come upstairs! Come look!” And they did, and they called to me, “Come see! There’s a big full moon rising!”

Is that just homeschooling? Isn’t that, I hope, education in a nutshell: Here’s this cool thing, so cool that I want to share it with you — first you, and especially you.



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3 responses to “Come and See!

  1. Sounds like a great project!

    Did you see Mars, just to the left of the moon tonight?

  2. inneedofchocolate

    As I was reading this, my 6yo had called me to see pictures of baby bunnies she was looking at on google images. At least one of us calls the others to the window most every morning to look at the pink clouds of the sunrise. And last night we were all so excited to share the beauty of all the snow falling down. I love all the sharing of excitement that goes on at our house. I know that’s why homeschooling goes better when we’re learning about something one or the other of us is passionate about.

  3. Sounds like you are really happy. I think your motivation for this is really loving. Your kids have a very thoughtful mother.

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