Still here

Spring is coming, and not a minute too soon. With the longer days and the brighter sun I can feel us all getting back to normal — a normal we haven’t experienced since sometimes last summer, when we decided to move house.

First there’s the cleaning, then there’s the selling, then there’s the buying, and there’s always the packing, packing, packing. Then there’s the hideous move itself, which in our disorganized state was stretched over a few weeks. Then the unpacking unpacking unpacking (still not even close to done)!

Add in some holidays and lots of houseguests, the usual winter depressions and illnesses, three or four poorly timed surprises (about which, more in the future), and here we are, cruising into March just now poking out our heads, looking around, and saying, hey, I think it’s safe to come out now.

I think we were very wise not to skip our warm-weather beach vacation this year — even taking into account the long-lived Montezuma’s revenge!

The sun makes us all ridiculously happy — I’ve been paying attention long enough to recognize the almost manic sensation that comes quick on the heels of feeling like we will not make it One. More. Day. A little more evenness in the moods would be nice, for sure, but since that doesn’t seem to be forthcoming, I’ll take the wild-eyed grinning.

Are you wondering how the No Criticism project has been going since we went to Mexico and then came back . . . ill . . . and then entertained an old friend for several days, making blogging impossible?

You’ll have to wait at least one more day.



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2 responses to “Still here

  1. I am glad you got to take your sunshine vacation. Long winters are hard, moving is excruciating. It is saying a lot that you are still in one piece.

  2. Mariposa

    I’m sorry you have been sick.

    I started to write a comment, but deleted it not wanting to taint your analysis of your experiment.

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