Wish Us Luck

Quick post — I am taking the girls skiing for the first time. What am I thinking? I can barely stand up on the floor!

I am half afraid they’ll break their necks, half afraid they’ll love it and we’ll have found a sport even more time-consuming and expensive than hockey (which is a big time/money sucker in my neighborhood).

Somehow we have gotten back to a packed schedule:

Online classes Monday and Tuesday, swim-and-gym for the little one on Tuesday, co-ops Wednesday and Thursday, piano lessons Thursday, voice lessons Friday, piano and guitar Saturday, mass and Sunday school on Sunday. I try to tell myself that they still have more free time than the public school kid doing sports and other extracurriculars, but it feels like too much.

Argghh! Will I never break this habit of overscheduling?! Sadly, my oldest really does seems to thrive on being overscheduled, probably because she is often understimulated. And she hasn’t been in a play for a year — drama classes, yes, but no plays.

Some days I think my learning curve is more of a learning circle, and just as I start to make major progress I flip back around to the beginning.



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2 responses to “Wish Us Luck

  1. lapazfarm

    Think of it more as a spiral than a circle. Sure you come back around, but you are also making progress, looking at the same things but from a slightly different perspective this go around.
    Works for me, anyway!LOL!

  2. lapazfarm

    Oh, and good luck with the skiing. Sounds fun!

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