Awww Alert

We had a friend over today who has recently started homeschooling. I’m sure I barraged her with Too Much Stuff (also, is “barrage” transitive? that looks funny), but it was great for the girls to have a plain old playdate, no educational content required.

My friend asked the girls what the best and worst things about homeschooling were. I didn’t get to hear what Violet says, and she can’t remember, and she doesn’t know anyway. (Um, someone is turning 11 soon.)

Victoria focused on our co-op and said that the worst thing was cutting out stuff in science (they were doing a lot of cutting and pasting until we talked with the teacher about it). I didn’t get to hear her best, but she told me later in the car, again speaking of co-op:

“I said, ‘I like it that my mom is always there.'”


Who knew? Me just sitting there knitting and working while she is off in class is her best thing (today).

Six is a great age.



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2 responses to “Awww Alert

  1. Awww indeed! Six is one of the loveliest ages. Alas though, just think, soon enough she will be almost eleven.

  2. OMG, 6 IS a great age. My eldest is 13 and there are days when I am totally fed up with all his sturm and lack of drang. He’s like the bloody Cheshire Cat the rest of the time. So enjoy those 6 year olds. It changes all too soon. The things they don’t tell us mums…

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