Proceeding with Caution

This has been a time of swallowing my words — “this” meaning at least the last year or so. Blogging about our homeschooling is hard.

First, it’s a little more normal than it used to be. We’re got some years of experience, and most of the time we forget that we’re doing anything unusual.

Second, we know a lot more homeschoolers. Many of them pop by my blog from time to time. So I can’t bitch nearly as freely. 😉 Either that or I have to make up my mind to let the chips fall.

Third, and most important, my kids are older. I’ve seen this happen with other homeschool bloggers too. As your kids get older and increasingly independent, it’s hard to write about them. So much of what takes up our energy with Violet feels too private now. She’s turning 11 soon, and seems ever more like she’s wrapping up her cocoon. It’s tremendously exciting and terrifying and aggravating — and none of it seems right to put on the blog.

I’m not yet sure where I’ll go from here. Something new is stirring this spring — I’m just not sure what, or where it will pop up.



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5 responses to “Proceeding with Caution

  1. Yes to all you wrote.

  2. It is a fine line dividing what to write about our “aging” children. While my older isn’t terribly self conscious yet (he’s 12), I know that will come.

    As far as homeschooling feeling more normal, I’d agree. We’re five years in, and the newness is long gone. However, as they grow and learn more, my challenges change rather than disappear. As high school approaches, I’m hungry for blogs from homeschooling families that explore that topic.

    Keep sharing all you can — all you dare, all that works for you. Thanks!

  3. Geez, good to know I’m not the only one! I’ve been more or less away from my blog for the past 5 weeks–a combination of crisis and distraction and the feeling that there is more and more I can’t blog about for the reasons you cite. Tonight I’m catching up on my equally neglected feed reader and this is the *third* blog voicing similar sentiments. Is it spring? Not sure. But I’d like to get back to where I was.

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