A Note To Taxpayers

The due date for filing US taxes is April 15.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no pennies in heaven or earthly rewards for those who complete them earlier — by weeks or even months — than the deadline.

Moreover, there are no punishments for filing them shortly before or immediately on the deadline.

Taxes filed before 12:01 am April 16 are properly referred to as “on time” or “prompt.”

Only taxes filed on or after April 16 are properly referred to as “late.”

Likewise, taxpayers who file an extension on April 15th are known as “law-abiding citizens,” not “procrastinators” or “last-minute slackers.”

Thank you for your understanding.



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2 responses to “A Note To Taxpayers

  1. *lol* Thank you for this! Your tone is perfect.

    Ours are done, but only because corporate taxes are due March 15. Since we’re already doing them, might as well get the personal done, too.

    Happy Filing! 🙂

  2. Lenora

    I SO hear you, Shaun! We “did” ours as soon as all our paperwork was here (early Feb.) We “filed” them (for appropriate postmark) on April 15. Not slacking; not procrastinating. We are “prompt.”


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