Handwriting Practice

Just a quick note about something my almost 7yo is enjoying.

She’s going to be moving up to the next level of science class in our co-op next year, which will involve more writing. She’s very cheered about handwriting practice. Rather than buy a handwriting book for practice, I’ve found a place to print them out with any words we choose.


Recent examples of handwriting sheets:

“Proton Neutron Electron”

“Chemistry is cool for kids”

“Chemistry Biology Physics”

She seems to find this incredibly motivating, both for her handwriting and for her interest in general science. Today she wanted me to make a page with terms about a particular kind of very special cell, though she couldn’t remember what it was called. Eventually she found it in a biology book, so she has a page with

“Embyronic stem cells”

Now I need to get the 11yo some handwriting materials — she has actually requested them! She has done little to no handwriting practice, and it kind of shows. 😦 We’ve always let her keyboard because it is so much faster, and she can keep up with her thoughts. (Also, you have to pick your battles.) Now that she’s interested, I need to jump on it. The girl can draw like nobody’s business, but her thank you notes look like she hired her younger sister to write them!


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