Happy Camper

Arggghhh! I can’t even start this post!

This is me: 100 different thoughts going in 100 different directions, which all adds up to


You would think this would make me a compassionate mother to a child who acts exactly the same way. I am flattered by the way you overestimate me. đŸ™‚

Neither mother nor oldest child is comfortable right now — both of us seem at an uncomfortable ebb in our passions, restless without something to wrestle with. I am always looking for signs of light and life to carry me through to the next day.

Today it was this:

Violet went on an overnight field trip at a local outpost of Concordia Language Villages. She had a great time, though when I asked her if she learned anything she bluntly said no — the other campers were almost all total beginners. When I asked her if she enjoyed speaking Chinese, she said she mostly spoke Chinese with the counselors. She said she was really looking forward to her regular 2-week camp, when she can be with more Chinese speakers.

She thoroughly enjoyed the other kids anyway. Another girl rode home with us — as a side note, she told us about how her attention span had shortened in school, because after the first few sentences from the teacher she would tune out, as everything afterwards was repetition. She wasn’t very happy about it. Anyway . . .

During the hour-long ride, the girls discovered that they both loved Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and spent most of the trip quoting the book together and laughing hysterically. For so many reasons it was an absolute joy to listen to. Violet also shared her new love of the Beatles — “I only really like the Revolver album; all the best songs are on that one” — and played some of her dad’s music for her friend as well.

Awake, alive, alert, present, open, joyful — it’s so hard to be all of those things all at once, at any age, at any time, with anyone. In this house of intensity, red zones, anxiety — not to mention hormones! — I don’t get to see them together as often as I’d like.

But when I do it’s like a little peek behind the veil, or a flash of the lighthouse beacon in the fog: “Ah, there it is. That’s where we’re headed. Stay the course.”



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4 responses to “Happy Camper

  1. sarah

    so wonderful đŸ™‚

  2. Andrea

    Nice Shaun – I love those moments with kids…though they are too few and too far between!

  3. Molly

    Yes, those are the moments that keep us going….. good to pause and reflect on them. The hard part for me is remembering these moments during the inevitable droughts.

  4. Heather Gray

    Good post. Seems like Violet was in a groove and you were going along with her.

    I think each day can seem like it has a lifetime (or certainly more than should be expected) of ups and downs when you are very intense and sensitive.

    You said “both of us seem at an uncomfortable ebb in our passions, restless without something to wrestle with.” I hate feeling like that. I need to have a intellectual bone to be chewing on or I get cranky.

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